‘Sister Wives’: Was Kody Brown’s Cliffhanger Enough for Another Season on TLC?

Sister Wives Season 13 has come to an end but Kody Brown and his brood left viewers with a cliffhanger and they want to know what comes next. Was there a reason the show cut out when it did, with the family just beginning a new chapter? Was this to entice the viewers back for another season of the TLC’s Sister Wives?

So far, nothing official about Kody Brown continuing or another Sister Wives season has come down the line. Clues usually pop up that the show will return even when a reality show lacks the official word of renewal. So far – no clues.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown New Season – Clues?

One of the biggest clues folks look for when it comes to a reality genre show renewal is the cameras. Usually, if another Sister Wives season is in the works, someone spots a camera following Kody Brown and his group. Considering Kody Brown’s family consists of about two dozen immediate family members, a camera or two should have been spotted by now. But no such report has emerged.

Sister Wives stopped filming the season that just aired last year. So you might think if another season is in the stars for Kody Brown and his tribe, the cameras would be rolling by now. Still, some hopeful viewers suggest TLC wanted to see the overall ratings once the show ended to make that decision.

Others assume the cameras will roll when Kody Brown’s new homes or one big home start materializing. Then, of course, some naysayers don’t think the ratings support a Season 14 of Sister Wives.

The cliffhanger for New Season?

If there was ever a reason to film another season, Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Kody Brown offered one. Sister Wives ended just as the family started a new chapter in their lives. Fans of the show want to know how the family is faring from this move.

Upon their initial arrival in Flagstaff, viewers got to see the arch of a house Robyn rented. Robyn and her children will live in this million dollar home, which became a bone of contention for some Sister Wives viewers.

Sister Wives: Die-Hard Fans Want to See New Chapter

Some Sister Wives followers felt it wasn’t fair to the children of Kody Brown as they got to tour this new home. Robyn’s kids get this luxurious mansion when the other kids could only look at it.

But, this is the only house out of the four dwellings the wives will occupy that viewers got to see. Maybe the other homes are just as nice as this one, although reports indicate they’re much smaller. So fans want to see all the Sister Wives new digs.

Kody Brown and his family are no longer in each other’s backyard, like in the cul-de-sac in Vegas. The houses are spread miles apart from one another. So how is that working out? Janelle Brown explained during the Tell All how they work a little harder at finding time to see each other.

Coyote Pass – One or Two Homes?

Sister Wives fans want to know just how the family is doing with their move. One of the big unanswered questions and a cliffhanger as well – Coyote Pass. Will Kody get his one big house or will the wives get their separate houses? Did Kody Brown talk the women in his life into this one big house? These questions are just a few that the fans would like answered. They’d also like to watch as things roll into place.

Kody waving those blueprints around on a few Sister Wives episodes got the fans’ attention. Will he ever erect that castle? Maybe TLC decided to wait until building started on their new home or homes before sending the cameras back in for a new season?

Can you just see the opening scene? It might start with 100 workmen building this monumental house dedicated to Kody Brown. Who knows?  Fans wouldn’t be surprised to see a portrait of him itched into the wood or stone used to make the humongous dwelling.

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