‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Latest Story Leaves Fans in Disbelief

Sister Wives star Christine Brown just shared a story with her TLC series followers that folks are finding hard to swallow. This story starts long before she asked her LuLaRoe customers to buy, buy, buy, and buy some more of the clothes she has for sale. That’s because she needed to make money for something very important.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Huge Medical Debt?

Christine reported that one of her daughters needed surgery. But at the time it seems she had another huge medical bill she may never pay off. Now the fans cannot believe what this mom from Sister Wives just revealed. ‘

Her recent cry for help was due to a $50,000 copay for one of her daughters to undergo surgery.  She couldn’t name the daughter, as the surgery is part of the next season’s storyline. But Sister Wives followers surmise she’s talking about Ysabel Brown. That’s because they talked about the possibility of surgery for her scoliosis on a previous season.

So with every item her Sister Wives fans buy, they help her fund her daughter’s surgery. Then during another recent live sale event, Christine talked about Truely’s doctor bills from when she fell sick years ago.

Veteran fans of Sister Wives remember the story about Truely’s illness that left her hospitalized. Back in 2014, Christine Brown took a then 3-year-old Truely to the ER at a local hospital.

At the time Christine thought her daughter had the flu. But it wasn’t the flu. It seemed Truely was suffering from a life-threatening illness. She had acute kidney failure and dehydration. It was a scary time for the Sister Wives family, especially when Truely didn’t respond at first to the treatment.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Truely Brown

11 Days Later…

Truely finally did respond to the treatment and 11 days later she was home. But now, six years later, Christine talked about how she explained this to Truely recently. This Sister Wives mom didn’t have insurance at the time so Christine was responsible for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor bills.

She told her Sister Wives followers that she told Truely she didn’t care how much it was. All that is important now is that Truely is healthy today. The touching story brought up a few questions and concerns for fans.

It seemed the Sister Wives viewers wondered why in the world Christine Brown would tell her daughter about the bill.  That’s not something most parents would tell their 10-year-old kid.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: How Can This Be – Where Is Kody In All Of This?

One of the fans watching Christine Brown’s live segment said she was baffled by the $450,000 Christine mentioned. That comment appears in the post above. It comes from one of the people who watched the Sister Wives wife and mom on the “live selling site”.

Fans flooded the site with comments. They recalled when Kody married Robyn Brown to adopt her kids. Back then it was mentioned her kids would now be on his insurance.

They also noted that not only Christine Brown, but Meri Brown and Janelle Brown were on the food stamp program at one time. It’s also reported how they were on welfare in the past. If that was the case around the time Truely became ill, they would have probably met the criteria for state offered health insurance.

While Christine Brown let her followers know that this Sister Wives lady now has insurance. She also said how she learned a lesson from that incident. But this still didn’t end the comments. People were appalled to think that Christine didn’t have insurance back then yet Kody was invested in getting Robyn’s kids covered.

Armchair mathematicians figured out they had done several seasons by the time Truely fell ill, so they had money rolling in. Others said they don’t believe the irresponsibility on the parents’ part.

This seems to be another case of Christine Brown missing that filter. She doesn’t seem to think about the consequences before she says things sometimes. This opened the floodgate for comments blasting her for even discussing this with Truely. They also wanted to know why this is Christine’s bill and not Kody’s responsibility.

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