‘Sister Wives’: Christine Swipes at Robyn – Finally Told to ‘Just Stop’

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown seemed to send one-too-many jabs Robyn Brown‘s way along with using a sarcastic tone while doing so. It seems this got to a breaking point for Meri Brown, who stepped in and told Christine to “just stop”.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Rattles Cages at Lunch

Two Chicago restaurants provided the setting for the Sister Wives lunches during the last episode. Christine Brown joined her other three co-wives for a visit to Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss’s home in the Windy City.

When they first arrived, Mariah and Audrey had previous plans that day so the four wives went to lunch together. The following day the Sister Wives moms and their Windy City hostesses all joined in for another luncheon.

Robyn didn’t do well the entire time she was in Chicago. But it seemed Christine somehow perpetuated this with jabs aimed at the youngest Sister Wives member of the family.

At one point, the Sister Wives’ original matriarch also told Christine she was about to get something spilled on her lap. While Meri seemed sarcastic as well, she made a valid point because Christine Brown got Robyn Brown crying with what she said. This happened during their second lunch with Mariah and her future spouse, Audrey, at the table.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Robyn Brown Appears Emotionally Fragile

Robyn Brown shared some of her private and upsetting thoughts with the Sister Wives ladies. It took them by surprise because she talked about her problems with Kody. This is something she never does, suggests Janelle Brown. So it looks like Robyn Brown is in dire straits over her marriage.

While Janelle Brown and Meri Brown seemed to worry about Robyn, Christine appeared to take a different avenue. She said she can see both Kody and Robyn Brown’s point.

Christine Brown doesn’t hide her attempts to capture Kody’s attention. Through the many seasons of this TLC reality show, Christine seemed to be a bit jealous of Robyn.

Sure, Meri and Janelle both had their time with jealous bouts after 10 years together with Kody in a three-wive family. But that seemed to subside. Still today, fans see Christine as vying for Kody’s attention more so than the other wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Cheerleads for Kody Brown?

So, when Christine told the Sister Wives camera that Kody and Robyn are going through a rough time right now, it sounded different. The argument tearing Robyn and Kody apart has to do with Kody wanting to buy a home. On the other hand, Robyn is adamant about renting.

Christine looks into the Sister Wives camera and says “I bought” a home. But it’s like she’s cheer-leading for Kody.

This is just one of the little innuendos from Christine that pop up throughout the first lunch with just the four Sister Wives ladies. But when Mariah and Audrey join them the second day for lunch, Christine was at it again.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown Asks for Forgiveness

Robyn realized she wasn’t much fun on this trip. So, she apologizes for being a “party pooper”. Everyone around the table attempts to consul her by saying no she acted just fine, except for Christine.

The third Sister Wives wife to of Kody Brown leans across Meri at the table and tells Robyn that she really was a party pooper on this trip. Now it looks like Christine Brown crossed the line.

Meri instantly told Christine to stop as Robyn breaks down in tears. After Meri reprimands Christine again, she leans toward Robyn once more. But this time it’s to apologize to her Sister Wives family.

But even that apology sounded a bit sarcastic as well and Robyn just didn’t need any more stress. She looked like she was about to fall apart. So what’s up with Christine Brown? Is she taking advantage of the wedge between Robyn and Kody?

Sister Wives: Right Out of a Mean Girl Role?

Some might say it was almost like a scene from the movie Mean Girls but 10-years later. As this crew consists of women and not girls. While two of the Sister Wives, Meri, and Janelle, seemed to worry about Robyn’s demeanor that weekend, Christine seemed to send her sarcastic jabs.

Okay, many see Christine as the “fun wife” and she does joke a lot. Even if Christine had no hidden agenda of aggravating Robyn, it still wasn’t the time or place to attempt to make jokes about Robyn’s feelings.

On the next episode of Sister Wives, it looks like Robyn Brown and her shared husband get really heated over house renting or buying. Robyn looks unhinged at one point on the previews. So tune in Sunday night at 10 pm to TLC to see how this all ends up.

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