‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Insecurity Clouds Her Judgement

Sister Wives star Christine Brown‘s insecurity is showing more and more as this season of her hit TLC show airs. Christine has always maintained she wanted to be a third wife. So, that reality happened as she planned.

However, Christine Brown probably thought as the third wife, that she would also be Kody’s last wife. That ended on when Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family a decade ago as Kody’s fourth spiritual wife and now his present-day legal wife.

The talk among the Sister Wives this season so far has largely been about their shared husband’s plan for them all to live under one roof. However, Christine has been the most vocal in her opposition to Kody’s vision. Fans cannot help but wonder if this stems from her being insecure with her relationship and marriage to Kody Brown.

Sister Wives Update: Christine Brown Claims She’s A Better Mom Living Solo

Sister Wives’ third wife Christine Brown says the main reason she doesn’t want to live with her co-spouses has to do with her “mom mojo”. She says that by living alone, she came into her own as a mom. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Christine shared living quarters with both Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown, says she can never do that again. She’s adamant about that. Seems that her boldness affects Robyn’s decision as well.

Recall Robyn has never shared quarters with the others. So, she really has no past experiences to draw from. Ironically, the other two Sister Wives, Meri and Janelle, feel that even with the struggles they faced living together, the growing pains were worth it.

This is especially true for the relationships that formed between all of Kody’s older kids. Sadly, the younger kids will never know that closeness unless all the wives agree to Kody Brown’s one house plan.

Christine Brown Resents Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives celebrity Christine Brown deep down never came to terms with Robyn joining the family. She sure plays it off as she does. Of course, there are moments that she enjoys Robyn and her contributions to the family. However, there are more times when Christine’s resentment and jealousy rear its ugly head.

Most of the issues Christine has with Robyn stem from their shared husband Kody Brown. Recall Kody courted and married Robyn while Christine was pregnant with what would be her last child, Truely Brown. Pregnancy and the time after birth are special times Kody spent with that wife.

However, with Christine, her last pregnancy and the weeks after Truely arrived was tainted by Kody’s honeymooning his new bride. So, of course, there’s some deep-seated jealousy and envy even if she won’t outwardly admit it.

Sister Wives: Christine Says Her Bedroom Is The Only Place She Feels Like A Couple With Kody

Sister Wives alum Christine Brown doesn’t have fond memories of their shared home back in Lehi, Utah. She says Janelle had an ideal set up with an upstairs and downstairs, but she had considerably less space.

Plus, as Christine was the designed stay at home mom, she felt the smallness of the living space the most.

One Big Shared House?

In fact, Christine Brown says that with the one big house setup she only felt the only place she felt like a couple with their shared husband was in their bedroom. Since having a taste of autonomy and being outwardly affectionate with Kody in her own house, she knows she can never go back to giving with all of Kody Brown’s spouses.

If Christine was more secure in her own marriage with Kody Brown perhaps the Browns could be able to move forward with Kody’s dream (and every polygamist’s dream) to live as one family under one roof.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 pm on TLC.

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