‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Takes the Hint – Goes Back to Normal

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown seemed to take the hint passed along to her the last time she attempted to wow the fans of her TLC show. Kody Brown’s third wife really dolled up, almost beyond recognition.

Then she made a debut of her new look to the Sister Wives followers. Judging by the responses from the audience, this mini-makeover did not strike a good note with her fans.

But Christine never mentioned it again, even as the comments piled up with some of them sounding just plain old mean. But this need Christine seems to have to look glamorous might just stem back to Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown As Number Three

It appears as if all four of the Sister Wives co-wives rarely receive compliments from their shared husband on the show. Maybe he saves those uplifting words for private times.

But he publicly shamed Christine Brown about her appearance years back. He did this in a book that the Sister Wives adults wrote together several years ago. Before they were married and back when Meri and Janelle were his only wives, Kody took Christine with them on a road trip.

They made a stop and Christine ran in to get some convenience store nachos and cheese. He recalled seeing Christine in the rear-view mirror of his car covered with the cheese sauce. She munched down on the biggest portion of nachos and cheese he’s ever seen.

This disgusted him and put the brakes on his thoughts of courting her. Kody described being turned off at the scene. He described it as, “this chubby girl… devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast”. So, he did notice she was chubby.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Kody Brown Likes His Women On the Curvy Side – Really?

When a young and slim Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family the other three wives were all a bit overweight. These wives were asked about this during an interview in the early days of the show. His three original ladies shrugged this off and explained how Kody prefers his women curvy.

But that didn’t sit right with fans back then as he was acting like a teenager following Robyn around. The wives all took it hard but it appeared it affected the third lady to join the Sister Wives clan the most.

Through the Sister Wives seasons, Christine Brown worked on losing that weight. At one time the first three wives were pretty dowdy dressers. But Kody’s lady number three changed her mode of dress as well.

So, this Sister Wives mom lost all this weight. Then she awarded herself with wearing skinny jeans and leggings. Fans fawned over her new appearance. But fans suggested the weight loss stemmed from her wanting the attention from her shared husband.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gets All Dolled Up – Gets Thumbs Down?

It seems as if Christine Brown tries to keep things fresh and new when it comes to her grooming. Most fans agree that she doesn’t need much help as she’s a natural beauty. But this Sister Wives mom of six does try something different now and then.

Recently Kody Brown’s third Sister Wives lady went over the top with a mini makeover before showing up on the camera. Her makeup seemed too heavy and her hair sported ringlets, much like Kody’s coiffure. Screenshots appear above from her video.

While she didn’t present herself as a woman who made a change, it was over-the-top obvious to fans. They commented on this Sister Wives mom’s new overall presentation and except for a few who supported her, it was brutal. Some people were so mean when critiquing her makeover.

Christine Brown never fought back. She just stayed quiet for a few days. Then when she offered up another photo of herself – boom, the third lady to marry Kody Brown was back. That photo sits at the top of the article, the feature photo. So, maybe Christine tries a bit too hard at times to enhance herself.

Maybe it all stems from Kody, who admits he once acted superficial. But from the look of her latest photo, she took her die-hard fans’ advice. That was just to go back to being herself. If nothing looks broken why try to fix it?

Get ready for Sister Wives Season 15 as it rolls out on Sunday night February 14, at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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