‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Puts Halt to Romance After He Sees Christine Eating

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recalls an incident with Christine Brown, admitting he had some superficial views of the ladies at one time. It seems Christine may have entered into the Sister Wives plural marriage earlier if Kody hadn’t looked in the rear-view mirror.

Sister Wives:  Kody Brown a Bit Superficial?

When Meri Brown and Janelle Brown made a trio with Kody Brown, he eyed TLC’s Christine Brown to add to their plural marriage. They were young, and Kody admits he was superficial during his younger Sister Wives years.

While all four women Kody Brown married are beautiful, it seems times changed for him. During an interview a few years back, his Sister Wives ladies revealed that Kody liked his women curvy.

But it sounds like a younger Kody was a bit more superficial, which he admits. It seems this event with Christine Brown describes just how superficial Kody Brown was at one point.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Christine Brown Goes For a Ride

Before he married Christine Brown, she was a friend who Kody was smitten with. Kody had quite the attraction to Christine, describing her as quite possibly the cutest girl in the world. But she was a bit “chubby,” he adds to this future Sister Wives bride’s description.

At some point, he asked Christine to go on a trip with him and Meri. During that car trip with his wives, the future father of 18 driving was driving and he had a rude awakening of sorts.

Meri rode in the front seat passenger side, and Christine Brown sat in the backseat. Kody Brown could look into the rearview mirror and see Christine. They stopped at a roadside convenience store during this trip, and Christine was hungry.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives Update: Kody Witnessed This In a Mirror

It sounded like his attraction for Christine crashed after what he witnessed her doing in the backseat. He said he looked in the mirror, and the woman who one day would be his Sister Wives spouse was eating nachos that she purchased during their stop.

Kody Brown writes in the family’s shared book: “The sight of this chubby girl [Christine]… devouring chili cheese nachos for breakfast” really put the brakes on his romantic relationship. He said it had to be the biggest portion of nachos he ever laid eyes on, and the sight turned his stomach.

Kody also said Christine must have been very hungry as she ate them so fast. Then when he looked up, he saw the nacho cheese and chili sauce everywhere. It seems her future husband couldn’t watch his future wife eating.

While he liked Christine very much, he said, the whole nacho thing cooled his “attraction a little”, then he says “well, a lot.” It seems this closed Kody’s eyes to romance with Christine. It wasn’t for sometime later that he revisited bringing Christine Brown into his Sister Wives family.

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