‘Sister Wives’: Christine, Janelle, and Kody Brown Shout-Out Cliffhangers for Next Season?

Sister Wives ended its season with a bizarre shout-out session from Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown who seemed cramped for time. The last episode of the Sister Wives show shared Maddie Brown Brush giving birth to her second child. While this was apparently the season finale, it didn’t appear that way as the episode came to an end.

Kody Brown is all about keeping Sister Wives afloat, so another season is probably on his wish list. But usually, the show closes with a “Tell All” segment and fans get a bunch of cliffhangers to chew on until the next season begins.

Sister Wives: Missing Wives and Unfinished Business Shout Outs.

This time around, there’s no Sister Wives “Tell All” scheduled. The cliffhangers seemed like a string of afterthoughts from the trio of spouses who managed to show up on the couch. For a season to end this way is odd. Not one, but two of the wives were missing without any explanation offered.

To say not much thought went into the ending of the Sister Wives finale episode would be an understatement. While the clock was ticking Kody, along with Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, attempted to cram in a few blurbs of unfinished business for the fans to look forward to.

Kody Brown starts with “we have so much going on” as the credits roll over his face. That’s how little time they left for a list of cliffhangers. He claims we still have to close on Robyn’s house. Robyn is still in limbo, Kody says as the season closes. Then Christine jumps in with “we still have to get onto the property at Coyote Pass”.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody Brown and Unresolved Relationship Issues

So, what happens for their permanent Flagstaff homes is something to look forward to as well. Kody then says there are relationships that still need healing. But he said this with the same amount of emotion you might use telling someone you’r about to paint a fence. Well, anyone who watched Meri and Kody in the therapy session is fully aware of relationship issues.

The question should be more like – Will Meri really come back for more after the insults she choked down from her Sister Wives husband? The relationships he’s talking about probably include Meri as well as Robyn, who wasn’t happy with buying the house they’re waiting to close on.

So if you are looking for the Sister Wives cliffhangers this season, look no further. It seems they were rattled off within the blink of an eye as the show’s credits rolled to an end.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: At Least Christine Brown Came Along With Janelle Brown

As far as another season goes – all the fans have to go on is a social media post from Kody Brown. Again the same three Sister Wives adults, Kody Brown, with wife number two, Janelle Brown and wife number three, Christine Brown said goodbye for now on their online sites. There’s nothing from Meri or Robyn but Kody writes that he hopes you all “see us soon”.

It sounded as if he hopes for another season. But if two of the wives couldn’t make the last Sister Wives couch appearance, what next? Is he hoping against hope that the family will be back in harmony so that can happen?

Unlike previous season endings, that haphazard list of cliffhangers they shared Sunday night isn’t exactly enticing. Fans came back this season expecting new homes on Coyote Pass in the works. Instead, this season saw no progress and it was almost like a rerun of the one before it.

Kody did say online that the Sister Wives cameras film even their boring tasks of daily life. Well, according to a number of fans, the camera overwhelmed the viewers with boring scenes this season. Fans also suggest their unfinished business that acts as cliffhangers this season sound familiar. They are pretty much the same cliffhangers from the season before this one.

But Kody Brown is a survivor, so he’ll probably be back for another season with new and interesting storylines. He knows how to advertise his family and he’s got some down-time to do this during the in-between season hiatus.

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