‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Lays Low after Verbal Attack – Fans Question Her Motives?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown endured the most brutal season since the TLC show first graced the TV screen a decade ago. Unless some of the scenes in the episodes were heavily scripted, then fans see Meri as bitten hard, chewed up, and then spit out by Kody Brown.

Out of all the Sister Wives adults, Meri had the most presence on social media. She had the habit of posting almost every day and sometimes several times a day. But that’s not the case in real-time. Once the episode rolled out where Meri and Kody’s relationship seems to implode in the therapist session, Meri seemed to semi-retreat from her online posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown is Quieter Than Usual

Other than a few inspirational blurbs, Meri has pretty much laid low on her sites. Sister Wives viewers were disappointed in Meri. The Sister Wives matriarch’s behavior around that therapy session left fans scratching their heads.

After Kody berated her during the therapy, she didn’t get angry and leave. No, she wanted to learn what she did wrong so she could change. Ouch… for some fans Meri took a step back into another century.

It reminded some viewers who watched these Sister Wives scenes of a time long ago when women were expected to be subservient to men. Whatever made Meri think that she needed to change just to suit her shared husband? Her remark seemed to baffle the fans.

Kody Brown wants Meri to fix her relationships within the family. So in order for the Sister Wives husband to even consider a relationship with Meri, she needs to fix the other relationships first. Or at least “simultaneously” he adds.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Why Not Just Pack It In and Go?

Meri Brown said people ask her all the time why she just doesn’t leave her Sister Wives man. She claims she can’t do that. If she left Kody she also leaves the family. But she can’t walk away from the good relationships within the family.

“I cannot be her “Jesus,” Kody said to the therapist. He said he tried to do that for years and that got him nowhere. So, Kody played Jesus for the sake of this Sister Wives relationship? He goes further and explains he tried to be her savior and that didn’t work.

The therapist does tell Kody at one point that he seems to always get his way. But he didn’t seem too bothered by her observation. So it looks like Nancy the therapist has a handle on how Kody sees himself.

The fans of the Sister Wives series certainly do see it and comment on Kody all the time. They don’t need a degree to see this guy is self-centered.

Any woman on the receiving end of Kody’s insults in that therapy session would find themselves mortified. He claims he is only with Meri Brown out of a moral obligation to her. So, fans want to know why this Sister Wives co-wife would even toy with staying after such an insult.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: That Kody Brown Is Relentless

Kody Brown claims that he doesn’t want a relationship with Meri, he also tells this to the therapist. He married Meri Brown under false pretenses he claims. Kody believes Meri manipulated him into marriage by presenting herself differently than her real self. He just didn’t seem to stop with these hurtful thoughts.

Had enough? Many fans say they have. You’d be hard-pressed to find a wife out there who would even think about hanging around to work on this relationship after Kody made his intentions very clear. Words like “sickening” and “degrading” show up online in comments from those who watched this.

So maybe Meri watched this episode and now sees what the Sister Wives audience sees. She’s one bright woman so she has to know fans won’t stay quiet over the treatment she got from Kody.

She didn’t tweet during the last episode. But she did tweet all season-long up until the episode with the therapist. It appears maybe Meri now steps back a bit in real-time. She’s possibly trying to avoid a flood of advice that she’s sure to get after doing nothing when Kody insulted her.

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