‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Brown Stage Fishy Therapist Visit to Reel In Fans?

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown looked like they did a convincing job of wanting to work on their marriage – at first. But 18 months have passed since they’ve last seen their therapist. So, just how invested do these two appear when wanting to patch up their Sister Wives marriage?

The therapist, Nancy Hunterton MFT, reminded Meri and Kody Brown that over a year went by since their last session. She tells them it’s been 18 months since they’ve dropped ine with their problems. Back a year and a half ago, Meri Brown said the same things and so did Kody Brown. So these scenes may leave you wondering if you’re watching a Sister Wives rerun.

Sister Wives: Try, Try, Again Motto – Meri Brown and Husband Kody Brown

From the therapist’s point of view, those 18 months away from therapy have been wasted time. That’s because their relationship hasn’t changed. It sounds like Kody Brown is done. But Meri Brown won’t leave him because it means leaving the Sister Wives family.

It’s like she’s somewhat demeaned by Kody who tells her she deceived him about who she really is from the day they met. He then claims he’s only there attempting a fix out of “moral obligation”. This would probably be the cue for many other wives to get out of their chairs and leave. But not Meri.

Kody tells the therapist he’s tired of Meri being the victim. But at the same time, he is playing like he’s a victim of her deception. Sister Wives viewers found Kody just mean during this therapy session, as the comments online suggest. Others think the two aren’t together but the show must go on so they’re offering the fans all this drama.

If this is the real deal and not spun drama for the sake of Sister Wives ratings, some may find this odd behavior by both of them. Especially since they put everything on hold for over a year with their relationship.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Could This Be a Cliffhanger Spinning?

Granted, since this couple last saw Nancy, the Sister Wives clan endured a big move. Not to mention several other surprise moves as well. Their Flagstaff rental homes seem to sell right out from under them. So, you can understand a little bit of a delay in getting back to your therapist. But this length of time away might look as if neither one of them seem invested in a marriage fix that they claim to seek.

When Nancy tells them that their client file is the thickest she has, they looked a bit ashamed. But, let’s face it, without drama, a reality show would flop. Sister Wives has a decade-long run with 14 seasons on TLC. So they deliver the drama. When the two start their chat with the therapist, Meri talks about how their marriage is over as far as a couple. Kody Brown agrees with her.

As the Sister Wives season winds down, they need cliffhangers. Since Meri Brown and her shared husband’s on the rocks relationship worked as a cliffhanger for last season, it looks like TLC might do this again.

In the last episode, Meri Brown claims Kody Brown won’t work on their relationship until she’s fixed her relationships with the other wives. He pipes up and says they can do it simultaneously. So if this is really the case, it sounds as if Kody is putting Meri in one horrific position. It’s up to her to fix things with her co-wives from Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Dream the Impossible Dream

Kody just left it up to her to mend all the fences before she has any chance of getting her Sister Wives plural marriage back. One thing the therapist did remind Kody Brown is that he always seems to get his way. The fans didn’t need to hear that from a professional to validate what the see on the show. But it sure had to feel good for Meri to have this woman express that to Kody Brown.

During the last episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown reports the demise of their marriage with the same emotion that one might use while reading a grocery shopping list out loud. Kody gets excited over tools the therapist gives the Sister Wives duo to walk away with. They coincide with some homework she gives them as well.

Dinner for two is the first step of the homework and a conversation over control while at dinner finishes off this task. Both seem to think this will invite progress. But some fans think it’s long over between this Sister Wives matriarch and patriarch. As far as the audience is concerned, they probably vote Kody in as the winner in the control discussion. So, it looks like this might be one of the cliffhangers to entice fans back to another season of the TLC show.

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