‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Regrets Marriage to Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may have four wives but he regrets marrying his first wife Meri Brown. In the latest promo clip for their hit TLC show, Meri and Kody are shown in a counseling session. The couple reportedly was working on their marriage as last season’s Tell-All revealed. However, this marriage is at the point of no return. They might always be family but Meri Brown and husband Kody Brown may likely never be intimate in the bedroom ever again.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says He Didn’t Know Meri Well When They Married

Sister Wives’ husband of four Kody Brown makes the shocking revelations in his therapy session with Meri Brown, his original wife. Kody Brown and Meri Brown legally divorced in 2014. She granted him a divorce so he could make his fourth wife Robyn Brown his legal wife so they could adopt her children from her first marriage.

However, Meri Brown is still spiritually married to Kody Brown. In fact, by all regards all the Sister Wives family still considers her to be the first wife.

The scathing bombshell Kody Brown drops on Sister Wives this week is that he didn’t really know the woman he married when he wed Meri Barber Brown in 1990. Kody says they had a very fast courtship and wed within months of knowing each other. He says in hindsight he likely would never have married Meri if he knew the woman she was to become. Kody Brown claims he did not know the person he was marrying.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Meri Brown Says Relationship Is Dead and Over

Sister Wives alum Meri Brown and Kody Brown finally come clean in their very emotional therapy session. Things needed to be said. So now there are finally out in the open. It’s in this session we learn from both parties their marriage is over. Kody Brown says he’s tired of hearing how he’s wrong. It seems that he’s not taking responsibility for the demise of their marriage. In fact, it looks like he’s blaming it all on Meri.

This Sister Wives couple has had a strained relationship almost as long as we have known them. Now Kody blames the failures on their short courtship. However many would feel that the issue could also be that Meri Brown only had one child with Kody. So, her fertility issues always remained close to the surface for her husband and his plural marriage lifestyle. Then there’s the now-infamous catfishing scandal right after their legal divorce that squashed any hopes of the relationship returning to any semblance of a marriage.

Sister Wives: Married To Four, Husband To One?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown may have four spiritual wives but its fairly obvious he is only a husband in the truest of senses to one. Kody and Meri Brown we’re legally married in 1990.  They divorced almost 25 years later in 2014. He’s now legally married to Robyn Brown (Wife #4).

Many suspect the Sister Wives marriage between Robyn and Kody is really the only marriage in this plural family.  Meri and hubby Kody have not been intimate in years.

Then there’s Janelle Brown who both Kody and Janelle say they are more like buddies and business partners than husband and wife. However, third wife Christine might still be in the mix for wifely bedroom duties.

Kody Brown is usually found at Robyn’s house. Days and weeks can pass and that’s where his car will be parked for the night. Yes, his youngest children live with Robyn but that doesn’t explain everything. So, while Kody’s spiritually married to Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, it’s pretty clear his affections as a true husband lie solely with Robyn.

Now, this week we see how bitterly his marriage to Meri ends with the cameras rolling.

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