‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Bows Out After Life Threw ‘Curveball’ – Worried Fans Flock

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown appeared to worry some fans about possible bad news after she canceled an event on Wednesday. The first wife of Kody Brown got tons of attention from her concerned fans with her “curveball” explanation.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Worries Fans After Cancellation

Meri Brown’s online followers were expecting the event of a live sale from the Sister Wives entrepreneur but it didn’t happen. Meri excused herself from this promised sale on Wednesday by claiming life threw her a “curveball”.

Now, that curveball description can cover anything from an ingrown toenail to a major catastrophe. So Sister Wives fans seemed genuinely worried. Meri Brown has a way of putting a message out there and leaving a ton of room for assumptions.

Usually, Meri reserves those open-ended messages for taunting the Sister Wives enthusiasts about her relationship with Kody Brown. Today many fans are convinced she’s about ready to make a departure from her share husband. So, the explanation of only a curveball conjured up curiosity.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Assumptions Run Rampant

So some fans thought she might have some family problems with either Kody or someone else. With all the problems displayed by another wife last season, you just never know.

Don’t forget how Meri Brown’s best friend and fellow Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown seemed to have a never-ending stream of tears last season.

The youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe didn’t show up for their final couch discussion, although neither did Meri. But unlike Meri Brown, Robyn hasn’t been seen or heard from on social media.

Since Meri is so close to Robyn, it’s possible Robyn needed Meri so she canceled her live-stream with fans. Again, without any details, the assumptions seem never-ending.

Meri let all the worry-based comments flow from her fans without saying a word.  “I hope you are alright” and “take care of yourself” are just a couple of the responses to Meri’s cancelation message.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Finally Ibuprofen Thrown Into the Mix for Meri Brown

Then the Sister Wives original matriarch, Meri Brown, hopped back online to say she was going to take some ibuprofen. She also said, “dang weather headache lol”. Then she suggested that she plans to ship some of her items.

This changed the mood of the comments with her followers suggesting she needs some rest. Sister Wives viewers came out of the woodwork with their virtual thermometers and advice.

While Meri Brown did come back and let her Sister Wives concerned fans know she had a headache, she waited a while to do this. She also didn’t say what that curveball was all about. Was it that headache or did the headache surface because of her situation?

It seems Kody Brown’s first wife knows how to draw in the fans. She gives them just enough and the chatter keeps going as they assume the rest. This time though, it seems she didn’t give them enough time.

She nipped it in the bud with her ibuprofen comment before they could get too carried away. But she did gather a lot of sympathy for that headache with the fans believing the source comes from all her stress and all her hard work. It ended up with Meri Brown getting one big virtual pat on the back.

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