‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Names Her New Family – No Browns Mentioned?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown talks about the family she calls her own but there’s no mention of Kody Brown, co-wives, or kids. Apparently, her stay-at-home time worked wonders for Meri Brown. She claims that she has discovered and rediscovered so much about her life.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Drops Unintentional Clue?

It looks like the original Sister Wives matriarch takes a break from her laptop to share her thoughts on life today. But among those thoughts, it looks like she unintentionally dropped a clue.

Although, with Meri Brown, you never know if she meant to leave a clue as sometimes she talks in riddles. Those riddles usually come in the form of cryptic messages.

This time around Meri offers some straight talk instead of using emotional and sometimes deep quotes. Usually, Meri Brown sets the mood of a post for her Sister Wives followers by using creative messages. It’s like she uses inspirational and not so inspirational sayings to set that mood just as background music does.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Feet

Maybe the Theme Song From the Movie ‘Rocky’?

In this latest post, Meri Brown praises the Internet for bringing people together. Although she misses her “people”, she stays in touch via the online world, like everyone else in the nation.

If she were to set this post to music, you’d probably hear something like the theme from Rocky playing in the background. It sounds like she gained some strength through the alone time due to the pandemic.

This recent post appears much more upbeat than what Meri usually shares. Most of all, she mentions her family, but it’s not the family viewers see on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: So Who are Meri Brown’s ‘People’?

After you read Meri’s post you realize she is not saying she’s missing her family members from Sister Wives. She doesn’t include her shared husband or her co-wives.

No Meri names her LuLaRoe family as the family she misses. “I miss my people, my LuLaRoe Family,” she writes. So it looks like Meri names her family in this post. We already know from Kody Brown that his individual wives are home with their kids.

Kody already said that he put a halt on the family functions due to the nationwide pandemic. So it’s not as if Meri is around her Sister Wives tribe so there’s no need to miss them. From what Kody said, the wives are isolated with only their own biological kids.

It also looks like when Meri Brown talks about keeping in touch with her “people” online, it’s her business associates. With the laptop screen enlarged above, it looks like she’s browsing through her business website with things set up for the sales reps to do at home.

So not only is Meri Brown missing her co-workers who she calls “family” she’s browsing through their website while at home in her bare feet relaxing.

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