Sister Wives: Meri Brown Sells Her Used Clothes to Clean Up Kody’s Mess?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is now selling her own used clothing to the fans in what sounds like an attempt to mop up Kody Brown’s mess. It is more than evident today that Kody’s move to the land of milk and honey curdled big time. Originally the move to Flagstaff was to make life easier on the bank accounts for his Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Her Proverbial Broom Sweep Up After Kody Brown?

Through one pitfall after another, the Sister Wives finances are in dire need of a windfall. So it looks as if Meri Brown put on her thinking cap to make some extra money. It appears she attempts to help Kody who stresses through the aftermath of a financial mess. His wives have said this is due to his lack of planning.

It seems Meri Brown found a market for her lightly worn clothes. Along with the regular brand of clothes she sells, some items she wore herself from that collection are also up for sale. It seems her fans gravitate towards the used clothes as Meri points out where she wore them last.

During her live sale to her followers this week, Meri hit the fans with the items she previously donned. Meri points out that this is the shirt she had on in this Instagram post.

Or this is the blouse she had on in the Sister Wives scene on the show. It’s almost like a real celebrity auction. It seems her fans want a piece of clothing that Meri Brown wore first.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown

Another Wife Steps Up to the Plate Or Camera

Meri Brown and her used clothing sale come on the heels of Janelle Brown announcing she joined Cameo. She will do personalized videos for fans but it will cost you. It looks like two of Kody Brown’s wives took a creative stand to help recoup against his poor financial planning.

Kody’s original Flagstaff sales pitch to his wives included how the cost of living, starting with home purchases, made Flagstaff the best choice. Oddly enough they found out that wasn’t true even before saddling up and trotting off to Flagstaff for good.

As Kody Brown and his four Sister Wives ladies checked out model homes they realized home prices were more, not less than Vegas. Instead of calling it a day and going back to Vegas, they decided they’d build smaller homes. Then they forged ahead to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown


Sister Wives: Just Like One Big Money Pit

Before the big move, Christine Brown contacted her friend, a real estate agent. She did this to ask about selling her Vegas home. The agent told both Christine and Kody that their homes would sell quickly in the hot Vegas real estate market. As Sister Wives viewers know, that didn’t happen. It took a long time to unload the homes.

So the move and delayed home sales left them treading water with all the prolonged mortgage and rental payments. Kody’s rush to pull up stakes in Vegas proved disastrous on their finances. Things have since popped up to add to his misery over their lack of money.

But today it looks like Meri Brown finds cleaning out her closet proves profitable. Now all she has to do is take one of the thousands of hair ties Kody Brown must own. Or even one of his many blue plaid shirts for a Sister Wives patriarch contribution to the sale.

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