‘Sister Wives’: Meri Pushes Robyn’s Jealous Button?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looked out of place this season around Robyn Brown and the other wives. And now it looks like there could be a reason. A new report might offer a hint as to what was going on the time Meri Brown broke down in tears.

It also might clear up what the viewers assumed was anger from Robyn towards Meri. Especially when the first wife returned from her Flagstaff trip with Kody Brown. That anger might have come after Meri seemingly gave Robyn a dose of her own medicine.

Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown Finally Find Happiness?

It looks like Meri is a woman on her own today. The latest reports are that she’s only around the Sister Wives clan when they’re filming for TLC. The new info seemed to validate what many of the fans surmised. This would explain the awkwardness not only Meri but from the other adults in the Brown family too.

If this report is accurate, it explains why Kody’s first wife wasn’t made to feel welcome. It would also explain why she seemingly turned the tables on the other wives while away with Kody. Don’t forget, Meri was Kody’s first legal wife. Yet, when Robyn Brown joined the family, fans seemed to think he put her on a pedestal above everyone else.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown -Robyn Brown

Meri Asks Kody Brown – What Bed Do You Want?

It was as if the first wife of Kody Brown had her own private joke going with her husband when they entered the hotel room together. Meri chuckled when she asked Kody which bed he wanted. Reports over the last few years indicate Kody Brown really only cohabitates with Robyn.

So was this Meri’s chance to subtly get under the skin of Sister Wives‘ wife number four? After all, it seems Robyn joining the Brown clan drastically changed the family dynamics.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Heard Angels Sing – Meri Got Kody Singing Her Tune?

Meri Brown also flirted with Kody on that trip to Flagstaff. TLC even referenced it in the title of the episode. They called this Sister Wives episode “Flagstaff Flirtation” possibly because she got her flirt on (which might have been just for the cameras).

What’s more, she got Kody to agree with her on the Cottonwood properties. Especially after she knew Robyn heard the angels sing at Coyote Pass. Was Meri poking at Robyn during this trip? Since she knew that Robyn Brown would eventually see the footage.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Green-Eyed Monster Emerges?

Then there was the Sister Wives scene with the realtor where Kody said he loved the plot of land. That’s when Meri asked if he felt that way about her too. This put him on the spot while on camera. He stumbled on that question and eventually came out with sort of a yes.

So, if Meri rejoined the family just for filming, no wonder Robyn looked peeved when Kody agreed about Cottonwood. But some fans might suggest she had it coming. Social media is overrun with comments suggesting it’s Robyn who gets what she wants from Kody. Many also think Robyn Brown calls the shots for the whole family.

Sister Wives: What Goes Around Comes Around

If that new report holds water, then it looks like Meri Brown had some fun filming Sister Wives this season — once the tears cleared. She seemed to find her footing and hit back. Like when she made it clear at the family meeting she might buy an RV. Janelle wanted one but Kody said no.

Now it looked like Meri didn’t need his permission to buy a thing. She just told him she might do it. Most of all, there’s Robyn’s take on Meri. While she hasn’t said a thing, the facial grimaces she comes up with around the first Brown wife seem to say it all. It looks like Robyn might be a bit jealous of Meri this season.

Meri’s now a businesswoman with not one, but two successful ventures going while Robyn is at home with five kids and man-child Kody Brown. While his first wife sails the high seas, Robyn now puts up with a grown man who is very smitten with himself.

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