‘Sister Wives’: Canceled or Renewed for Season 15 – Kody Brown Weighs In?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown and his TLC reality show rolled out the season finale on Sunday night without so much as a heads up. Not to mention the ending seemed so thrown together. They had  Kody Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown sitting on the couch. They threw out unresolved issues as if they were cliffhangers for a future season.

Sister Wives: Two Wives MIA

But the one or two things Sister Wives fans noticed was the absence of Meri Brown and Robyn Brown on that couch. Apparently the last episode of the season aired Sunday night. Still, only three adults from this Sister Wives plural marriage showed up for the final conversation.

This started a ton of chatter online. Along with lots of assumptions about the failing marriages inside Kody Brown’s Sister Wives family. Meri and Robyn also missed Maddie Brown Brush’s birth.

A generic excuse was passed along that sounded like Meri is wrapped up in business. So she couldn’t come. Then for Robyn, she has her hands full at home with the little kids and a house to close on.

This didn’t fly with many fans from Sister Wives. Some thought Kody’s horrific treatment of Meri in the therapist’s office kept her away.

It seemed this season Robyn and Kody fought all the way through the episodes. They fought over several things including renting vs buying a house. So the two wives who endured the most battles weren’t on that couch.

Sister Wives: Meri Bown

A Thrown Together Season Finale?

The word “finale” was never mentioned when it came to Sunday night’s show. TV menus still list 16 episodes for Season 14, although only 15 episodes of Sister Wives aired. While the 16th episode might have been slated for the “Tell All” segment.

That could be up in the air due to the nationwide Coronavirus stay-at-home event. Kody Brown and his wives usually film the “Tell All” much later than the filming of the season finale. So maybe the coronavirus interrupted those plans.

Kody Brown, Janelle, and Christine all thanked the Sister Wives viewers for tuning in this season. They shared their thanks on their social media sites. So, it certainly sounded like a good-bye for now. Kody took it a step further. It seems he inadvertently offered a hint of what to expect for the future of the TLC show.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Renewed or Canceled for Season 15?

When Kody Brown said his thank you to the viewers for tuning in this season he also said something else. He suggested he hopes to see you all soon. Then corrected himself. He said he hopes you all see them soon.

This sounded like he hoped another Sister Wives season would materialize. So, it doesn’t sound like it’s something on paper yet. But at least it sounds like Kody is willing to have the cameras in tow for another season.

The ratings is what canceled Sister Wives back when Season11 finished up. Kody took a huge pay cut to keep his family on the air. But that was only because the ratings tanked.

Fans worried that the ratings would tank this season. That’s because TLC took Sister Wives out of their early time slot and pushed the show up to 10 pm. Instead, TLC ran 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days ahead of Sister Wives.

While some called it the reality show kiss of death, it appears they were wrong. It seems the fans stayed up to watch the show. But Kody Brown and company may have picked up even more viewers. Those tuned into TLC for the 90 Day Fiance series may have stuck around to watch the Browns.

The ratings were good, as the show stayed within the top ten TV shows on a list of 150 Sunday night shows. They hovered around the number eight spot on the list, not moving too far away from that spot during the season.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Start Date Announcement for New Season?

If there is another season on the drawing board you probably won’t know for a while., Fans might not know this until a few weeks before Sister Wives rolls out. Traditionally, the show announces the renewal weeks before the season debuts.

Usually, neighbors or passersby see the cameras following around Kody Brown and his family. So they tend to offer up the news before the official announcement emerges.

While Sister Wives offered quite a few season debuts in January, that might not be the case this time. Reports suggest this stay-at-home plan might delay the season start date if they do renew. So, there you have it. All signs point to no reason not to renew the series. Then there’s Kody Brown, who seems willing to go forward with the TLC show. But now the waiting game starts.

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