‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Temp Houses for Spouses Tell Story in Pics

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like he’s got one wife in the lap of luxury and another wife living out on the range in pics posted online recently. It appears the wives of Kody Brown live in totally different types of settings in Flagstaff. Robyn Brown’s home is overshadowed by tall trees. In contrast, it looks like Christine Brown’s house was plunked down on a barren piece of land with the nearest trees way off in the horizon. These are the temporary homes of Kody Brown’s wives. This is where the Sister Wives spouses are slated to live until Coyote Pass plans materialize.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Temp Houses

While Kody Brown’s wife Christine offered up a view from her home with her latest Instagram photos, you don’t get to see the actual house she lives in. But it looks like she can see a car coming from miles away while sitting in this Sister Wives family’s home. The reason she posted these latest pictures this week is to show fans the snow. Yes, it’s May and a spring snowstorm blanketed her area with just enough of the stuff to turn her landscape white.

In comparison to Christine’s setting, Kody’s other wife, Robyn’s house is one of those McMansions. It is easy to see why reports put Kody Brown at Robyn’s place full-time these days. Her house looks like it’s more suited for the Sister Wives patriarch because it’s so grand.

Then there’s Christine’s place. The song “Home on the Range” would offer great background music for the pics she posted of her property. She was hoping for more snow so she could pull out the snow blower. That doesn’t sound like a job for Kody Brown. He’s not often seen with tools around his Sister Wives homes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - House


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - House

Looks Like Papa Brown Likes His Comfort and Hot Water

Another recent report had a bypasser overhear Kody Brown talking to his two sons at the gym. Janelle Brown’s boys, Logan Brown and Hunter Brown, were all sweaty at the time. Kody Brown warned the boys to take quick showers when they got home. He said the water heater at Janelle’s is terrible. Apparently, the Sister Wives dad offered them a tip when telling them to shower up fast before they ran out of steamy water.

It seems there’s a lack of hot water at Janelle’s when it comes to taking a long shower. So, with Christine living in what looks like the boondocks and with heated water at a minimum at Janelle’s place, it looks like Kody settled into Robyn’s place. There’s not much known about Meri’s home but last Sister Wives fans heard, he was working on that relationship. As seen in the video below, the Brown family likes to stay together but that’s not the case right now in Flagstaff. Their homes are miles apart from one another today.

Sister Wives: Big House View?

Christine’s pictures have some Sister Wives followers confused and hopping online to ask questions about her photo posts. The ground is flat and barren like Coyote Pass. So the Brown clan followers aren’t sure at what they’re looking at in the third wife’s post. Remember that blueprint of one gigantic house Kody commissioned? Well, some fans seemed to think that maybe Christine’s pictures showed the view from that house. As far as the latest reports indicate, Coyote Pass is still void of dwellings.

The last season ended without fans knowing if Kody was able to talk his Sister Wives family into building that one big house. Or maybe they stood firm on separate homes? Maybe that’s the cliffhanger for a new season – if there is one. So far there’s no word on renewal or cancellation of the Sister Wives reality show passed down from TLC.

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