‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Married Strangers Hoping for the Best?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown married four women but the way these marriages started seems a bit unorthodox at best to the show’s fans. Sure, Kody and the Sister Wives ladies shared their stories of how they met. But when they married Kody, they were still pretty much strangers to their new husband.

Sister Wives: Courting Another Word For Visit?

The viewers caught Kody’s courting period with Robyn Brown. This worked as the exciting opener for the Sister Wives series. But the faithful watchers of the TLC reality series were never privy to watch as he took on his original three wives.

It seems he took a very different approach with Robyn than with the others while courting. Fans described a smitten teen routine when he courted Robyn.

But when bringing his first three Sister Wives on board, his behaviors seemed different. Not to mention that he married three times within a few years, with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown.

Oddly, romantic love isn’t one of the main factors when Kody and these women decided to marry. He was even turned off by Christine at one point in time, which delayed their courting period.

After Kody saw Christine devour a plate of nachos, it was almost a deal-breaker. He said she grossed him out by witnessing this.

But still, all four women had one thing in common when Kody Brown first decided to make Sister Wives out of them. All four women, including Robyn, were basically strangers when they said I do.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Showing Off Muscles

Kody Brown Tells It Like It Is – And Was?

Sister Wives viewers got to hear Kody’s theory on marriage when he opened up in the last season. He talked about his unhappy marriage to Meri. He basically accused his first wife of manipulating him into marriage.

Kody shared some deplorable thoughts about Meri while at the therapist session, saying he didn’t really know her when they decided to marry. But it sounds like he didn’t know Janelle, Christine, or even Robyn the way you should before taking someone’s hand in marriage.

Besides Meri, none of the wives had much alone time with their future shared husband. Robyn said she looked forward to their honeymoon period to get to know Kody.

So, by Kody’s own admission he didn’t know Meri well at all when they married 30-years ago. But the same holds for later marriages. This becomes apparent after what Christine, Robyn, and Janelle had to say.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Strangers at the Altar?

Kody Brown didn’t have to say that Janelle and Christine were pretty much strangers when he married them. That’s because both women hit on this topic long-ago in a book they penned.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown didn’t love each other the way a man and wife traditionally do. Janelle fessed up that it took years for any real love to pop up between the two. Meri didn’t become jealous of Janelle because she became more like Kody’s friend than a romantic partner.

Yet, six kids came from this relationship, so they did more than talk business together. This is what drew Kody to Janelle originally. He calls Janelle like-minded when it comes to business.

Christine became a hands-on bride. She moved in for a hug any chance she got. This Sister Wives spouse said she was crazy and in love with  Kody from the get-go, but she still didn’t know him very well.

Getting to Know The Women He Married

Strangers In the Night?

Both Christine and Janelle sounded as if they were a bit frightened at times about what they got themselves into during their earlier years.

Even Robyn, who according to fans, seems to be Kody’s favorite wife, felt she didn’t know her future husband well when they married. She once said that their honeymoon gave her time to get to know the man she married.

Fans knew how the wives never shared a kiss with this guy before entering into his Sister Wives marriage. But Christine talks about taking a trip with Kody after Aspyn Brown, her first child, was born.

It was on this trip that she really got to know her husband she said. Janelle waited longer than that to get to know Kody as a true husband. This Sister Wives mom said it took years.

While these women say it took a while, in Janelle’s case it took a long while. So, it appears marriage came before getting to know one another very well.

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