‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Didn’t Always Float the Boat in Romance Department?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown seems to fancy himself a ladies man or at least that’s the impression a man with four wives seems to suggest. But when Kody started creating his plural marriage, it seems romantic love wasn’t at the top of his list.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Meri Brown Polarized Stories

Meri Brown has a very different story than the other three Sister Wives when it comes to Kody Brown. She had him as her husband for three years all alone much like a traditional marriage. While Meri refers back to that time like it was magical for her, Kody seems to have a different take on it.

Fans of the Sister Wives series can remember his jaw-dropping critique about his first wife while in a counseling session in the last season. So, whether Meri’s take on her first years of marriage ring true or Kody’s cutting and demeaning words better describe their marriage, only the two of them know for sure.

But Meri didn’t come into Kody Brown’s world with other Sister Wives waiting at home for her. She started out dating Kody like other people date and she wed Kody as a traditional couple marries.

According to Meri, it was wedded bliss. But, almost 30 years later Kody Brown claims Meri manipulated him into marriage. He discards his Sister Wives marriage by saying he should have never done it.

While that remains a mystery because their stories are so polarizing. The Sister Wives who followed have their own stories on their first years with Kody.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown – A Loveless Marriage?

Janelle Brown came right out and shared – “I know now that Kody [Brown] and I weren’t in love then”. She describes the day they married and for several years to follow. She said it would be “many, many years into our marriage before our true love story would begin”.

Janelle describes how after their honeymoon the two felt “safer” with each other. So Janelle never had that swooning newlywed period. She was compatible with Sister Wives’ Kody Brown on an intellectual level but that’s not how a husband and wife usually roll.

It’s important to have that between them but usually love comes before marriage. Compatibility isn’t something you’d wrap a marriage proposal around. Janelle said that while they were on their honeymoon it was difficult for her to see them as a married couple.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Said It Was Too Soon For Christine Brown

It seems when Kody Brown got a look at Christine Brown standing at the altar on their wedding day, he froze. Kody said he sensed it was just too soon to marry his third wife.

Christine noticed her groom’s face as well. This Sister Wives bride saw that something was bothering him as he looked “morose”. Christine ignored Kody’s gut feeling about this wedding happening too soon just weeks back. But that feeling caught up with Kody Brown as he made his way towards Christine to say their vows.

Kody Brown’s Sister Wives family consisted of only two wives back then. They didn’t even have any kids yet, although Janelle was expecting the first baby in the family. But much like their problems today, the family was struggling with finances.

For this reason, Kody Brown did not want to get married so soon,. He said the minute that he asked Christine to marry him he knew he acted too quickly. He has asked Christine for a longer engagement.  But she wouldn’t hear of it.

She insisted a long engagement wouldn’t be fair to the women who would be her Sister Wives. So, they married six weeks after Kody asked her. Watching Kody looking so unhappy worried Christine, but she was later devastated when she learned he didn’t plan a honeymoon.

Instead of the fun-loving guy that Christine knew before their wedding, he was a grumpy and distant during their honeymoon. So it seems Christine’s marriage started off without the fireworks as well as Janelle.

Sister-Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown


Then Came Robyn Brown

Veteran Sister Wives fans saw Kody Brown acting like a smitten teen around Robyn Brown. After a 10-day honeymoon, they came home still acting like newlyweds. Robyn said early on that she wanted that spark and fireworks with him and apparently she got them.

The other wives were devastated when Kody and Robyn returned home. A couple of the wives had refused to take Kody’s phone calls while he was on his honeymoon with Robyn. Christine, who was pregnant at the time, even left the house for an extended stay away from Kody.

After learning the experiences the other wives had on their honeymoon. Then when Robyn and Kody’s honeymoon was like a romance novel, fans can see how animosity set in. Robyn got what they never did, which may have turned the jealousy on high.

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