‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Felt Her Romance Cheapened by Co-Wives?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown sounds like she joined this family with visions of living with four best friends and a husband for eternity. When you hear Robyn tell it on the TLC reality series screen she describes how she didn’t just marry Kody Brown. She married a family but it appears she did it a bit differently than her co-wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown a Team Player?

Robyn Brown’s concern was becoming one of the Sister Wives women and fitting in. She made it clear she wanted a clear path alongside Kody’s three wives taking their journey in life and then right through to the hereafter with Kody.

The thought of the Sister Wives adults being together through eternity is faith-based. The Brown patriarch mentions it occasionally on the show.

Kody was head over heels in love with Robyn Brown when they first started courting. Robyn had some ideas of how she wanted to start her life off with her new shared husband.

It seems she wasn’t interested in just the sisterhood, which is the case with other women entering into plural marriage. Robyn shared these thoughts in a book she penned with Kody Brown and her co-wives.

When Janelle Brown married Kody, she wasn’t worried about romance and fireworks. From what she wrote about her first year of her Sister Wives marriage, there wasn’t any.

Both her and Christine Brown came into the family with their relationships with the other women in mind. While Christine was quite smitten by Kody, she didn’t get much time to spend alone with him. Neither did Janelle. Meri Brown was different, she had Kody all to herself for three years before their marriage turned plural.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Strangers In a Marriage

Both the second and third wives from the Sister Wives tribe felt somewhat like strangers to Kody Brown when they first married. They used this time to familiarize themselves to a life with their co-wives.

Robyn said the Sister Wives co-wives were an important piece to this marriage for her. But Robyn made her mind up, so with determination, she set out to romance Kody. Being a good co-wife wasn’t enough. She wanted to share Kody’s love in a romantic way and she wanted those fireworks.

Her honeymoon, which lasted for 10-days, was her time to explore this new intimacy with Kody. Up until that time they had only shared a kiss.

It seems that Robyn only wanted something that most any new wife would want, romance with their husband. However, she was in a plural marriage now with three other women sitting at home waiting for her arrival with their husband in tow.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Private Moments Felt Cheapened

What Robyn said on the Sister Wives series led the fans to believe her relationship with her counterparts, the women in this marriage, was very important to her. It was as if her shared husband came in second place.

But years ago she penned how her time with Kody during that honeymoon was extremely important. While in the throes of love she needed to explore Kody just for her. She already knew what a great father and husband he was to his Sister Wives family.

Now she let the romance part that blooms between a man and a woman take place. She also complained about how starting the Sister Wives show while dating and then marrying Kody stole so much from her.

Robyn Brown had Embarrassing Times

Robyn Brown conveyed how she went through embarrassing times on that Sister Wives couch. She also said how her wedding, the wedding dress, and their kiss before marriage was talked about so much. She felt it cheapened her special time with Kody.

Robyn believed the comments from the audience made her loving times with Kody sound cheap. But Robyn also mentioned the people on that couch on the Sister Wives set with her as well. It sounds as if they too ruined those moments with their comments.

It appears as if she felt her co-wives contributed to ruining her private and cherished moments with Kody from the wedding and the honeymoon. Apparently that honeymoon came to an abrupt end, although she said how she wants to keep that spark going forever.

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