‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Suffered as Kody Blabbed Private Moments

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown was told by Kody Brown that marrying him meant Robyn would be featured on a TV show. At first, she thought it was a pipe dream on his part. Robyn recalled thinking yeah, right, Kody Brown on a TV show.

Sister Wives: TV Series and Robyn Brown Did Not Mix Well

But it didn’t take long for Robyn Brown to realize the Sister Wives reality series was the real deal. She goes on to describe how much suffering she endured because of this reality show, which captured all aspects of her life.

Robyn Brown grew up in a polygamous family. But she was the daughter of her father’s second wife. This meant as a child, her dad could not acknowledge her as his daughter in public. So, to Robyn polygamy was not a lifestyle you shared. They kept everything under wraps.

This Sister Wives celeb shares how she thought her first marriage would take on more wives. Both she and her first husband belonged to the same religion that she does now. But their marriage was too rocky to bring another wife on board.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Anger Surfaced From Robyn’s Own Family

But jumping ahead to the time Robin Brown she planned her wedding to Kody Brown, Robyn suffered. Once her family learned Robyn’s courtship and the wedding would be part of a TV show, they were mortified.

Her younger siblings were in high school and they still kept their polygamous family a secret. But once Robyn Brown showed up on the Sister Wives series she said her sisters were furious as she had outed them “by proxy.”

Both her mother and father warned her of the dangers of revealing her lifestyle. They worried about her three kids as well as Robyn. She said how this made her stop and think about possibly not marrying Kody. But the prospect of a future with this shared husband and his family won out.

Robyn’s mother even blocked Robyn Brown from social media because she couldn’t stand the backlash that followed anything Robyn Brown would post. It seems Robyn’s decision to marry Kody Brown and become part of the Sister Wives interfered greatly in her family’s privacy. That’s due to the TLC reality series she became part of.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Anger at Kody Brown Surfaced as Well

Once the Sister Wives show started, even private moments that should have stayed between Robyn and Kody became public knowledge. Robyn was angry that Kody didn’t keep things as private as she would have liked. Suddenly everyone knew about the private things that happened between the two of them.

The fourth and youngest wife of Kody Brown was fuming at some of the things he said. Like when her shared husband divulged how he helped her shop for a wedding dress. Then he also revealed their first kiss while engaged.

She had “to deal with the world’s opinion” over Kody Brown picking out her wedding gown and the opinion of the world over Kody kissing her during their engagement. Not only did the world weigh-in, but veteran Sister Wives viewers remember how Christine Brown crumbled over this.

All five of the Sister Wives adults wrote a book together. Kody’s youngest wife talked about how the couch segments on the show turned brutal for her at times. “The wedding became a storm cloud that hovered over us during the couch sessions,” Robyn Brown said in the book.

Robyn also said, how things meant to be beautiful and special between her and Kody ended up as” fodder for analysis.” Robyn shares that coming into the Sister Wives family had her facing allegations of a homewrecker as well across social media sites.

The show caused Robyn Brown’s life to be open for public comment and she didn’t like it. Maybe this explains her lack of social media activity today. Robyn sounds like a woman who likes her privacy. Unfortunately, she’s part of a decade-long reality show, so that is part of her lifestyle today.

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