‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Mortified When Co-Wives Make Doozy First Impression

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had some Impressions about the Brown family that left her stunned and somewhat worried. During the early days that the Sister Wives patriarch was smitten by Robyn, the time came to bring her home. She thought she was there to meet the family. But she felt more like she was on display.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Makes First Family Visit

Robyn’s cousin Reba was instrumental in getting Kody and Robyn together, who was Robyn Sullivan at the time. Meri played a big part in this as well. So, after Meri and Kody kept Robyn as their secret for a while, they told Christine Brown. But Janelle Brown wasn’t told about the new Sister Wives prospect until the night before she was coming to Lehi for a visit.

Before Robyn Brown first came to the Sister Wives home, she had met only Meri and Kody. Her cousin Reba insisted Robyn go to Lehi and visit the Brown home to see what it was all about. Reba knew that Kody Brown and Meri were interested in bringing Robyn into the family.’

While Robyn said she bucked her cousin’s plan at first, she finally agreed to drive the 300 miles to see the Sister Wives tribe as a whole. Her cousin accompanied Robyn Brown for this trip.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Done Up Like MTV ‘Cribs’ – Kody Brown Shows Off?

It seems Robyn tapped into her sense of humor even before entering the house. But what she said to Reba was meant to stay between them and it didn’t. Her cousin embarrassed her by repeating it once they’d been at the Brown’s for a while.

So what did Robyn Brown say when she first spotted the Sister Wives Lehi, Utah home? Robyn describes the scene when they first pulled up to the Sister Wives digs. She said there was not only one, or two, but three convertibles in the driveway.

Robyn turned to her cousin and asked if they were about to enter an episode of Cribs. This was a popular MTV reality series that first aired in 2000.

The show toured the flamboyant, gorgeous, and sometimes strange homes of celebrities. The stars would often line their lavish vehicles up in the driveway for the Cribs cameras to film.

The woman who would go on to become wife number four in the Sister Wives plural marriage was taken back a bit. She said that she immediately had a feeling that they were showing off for her.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Mortifies Robyn

The woman being vetted for Kody Brown’s fourth wife also felt that she was on display as they all stared at her. Meri was a friendly face in the crowd and stayed by her side most of the day. The Sister Wives spouses had put together a barbecue in her honor.

Janelle excused herself early, as she was going on a road trip the next morning to retrieve some of their older kids. They were at their grandparents’ ranch in Wyoming.

Christine horrified  Robyn by asking her a question she just couldn’t answer with Kody’s three wives right there. It was just Christine’s sense of humor but it seems this visitor didn’t get that at the time.

Kody Brown described how Christine leaned over, getting right in Robyn’s face and asked her “So, do you think our husband is cute or not?” The patriarch o the Sister Wives clan said that Robyn’s answer “took the wind out of his sails.” Robyn talked about God and basically she follows the path he laid out or her.

Kody never got to know at that point if Robyn was into his looks. When she told Christine she’d never pursued a married man. Christine, once again said in jest, “Yeah, right you hussy.”

Kody described Robyn as “mortified” over Christine’s interaction. But it seems the head of the Sister Wives family was still reeling from not getting a yes answer to Christine’s cute question.”

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sticky Feet Did It For Wife Number Four

Robyn Brown didn’t know how to take all this in. But at the same time, she realized she was sitting among a family where there was so much love. While Kody’s looks might not have sealed the deal for this prospective fourth wife, it was Savannah’s sticky feet that seemed to bring her to her senses.

Janelle went to bed and Kody told her not to worry about Savannah, who was a small child at the time. He said he’d put her to bed in a little while. At one point Robyn walked through their big Utah home to check up on her own kids. They were off playing in one of the three Sister Wives apartments in that big home.

When she rounded one of many corners she spotted Kody at the sink with Savanah. He was washing something sticky off her feet. Robyn said he didn’t see her there, it was just him and Savanah. Kody wasn’t doing this to impress her or anyone else, he was lovingly taking care of one of his many kids.

It seems the love between all these people in the Sister Wives brood touched this visiting future wife. Then watching Kody’s interaction with Savanah and the rest of his kids, pulled at her heartstrings. Robyn Brown knew she wanted this life, not only for herself but for her kids as well.

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