‘Sister Wives’: Robyn and Kody Brown’s Secret Backfired on Meri?

Sister Wives celebs Meri Brown and Kody Brown once had a secret about Robyn Brown that Meri felt brought her closer to her shared husband. The way Robyn Brown came into the Sister Wives family was a bit complicated. It seems after Meri and Kody met Robyn, Meri saw how smitten Kody was with this younger woman and ran with it.

Because Meri liked Robyn so much, she encouraged this relationship. But she did this without her two co-wives knowing about it. From the way Meri explains the relationships with Christine Brown and Janelle Brown back then, one has to wonder if there wasn’t a hidden agenda on the Sister Wives matriarch’s part.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Meri Brown Share Secret

Robyn remained Kody and Meri’s little secret for some time. Meri describes how it somehow made her feel closer to her husband. She talked about this in the book, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage”.

Meri Brown talks about the vast array of feelings regarding Kody and Robyn. While being the only wife out of three to know about Robyn at first, this gave her and Kody something to talk about that didn’t include Janelle or Christine.

When Meri Brown talks talks about how she got along with her co-wives in the book you find out it wasn’t the greatest of relationships. Meri once said if Janelle wasn’t one of Kody’s wives, she doesn’t know if they would be friends. But because they are in this Sister Wives marriage, she had to work at getting along with her.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown -Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

When Robyn Brown Came Along…

Christine was the Sister Wives member that bubbled up some jealousy for Meri. When Kody Brown married Janelle, his second wife, the two seemed to admire each other’s brains other than sharing a full-blown romance. So Papa Brown’s first wife wasn’t jealous of Janelle, but Christine was a different story.

Christine is all about a romance with Kody, which sparked jealousy in his first wife. So when Robyn came along it sounds like Meri Brown wasn’t on the best of terms with her co-wives.

Veteran Sister Wives viewers don’t have to be reminded of how Christine took to Kody marrying Robyn Brown. Kody seemed really into his new wife and he didn’t hide it well. When they honeymooned for a week, angst festered in Christine. Janelle also was a bit stand-offish of a fourth wife coming on board.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown


Sister Wives: Meri Gets a Friend

Now you have Meri Brown, basically conspiring with Kody to court the woman. This first wife really liked Robyn and she felt that this might be a Sister Wives that she’d really click with.

But as much as Meri Brown adored Robyn Brown, it got a bit uncomfortable for the first wife as well. Meri Brown saw Robyn as a good friend. She enjoyed her time with her as a friend and potential Sister Wives member. Meri also enjoyed talking about Robyn with Kody Brown while she also prompted her shared husband into a courtship.

But once Kody started his time alone with Robyn, the Sister Wives original matriarch felt left out. The three of them enjoyed such a great friendship but now Robyn was off with Kody alone. This happened after the co-wives finally learned about Kody’s designs on Robyn.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

What Goes Around Comes Around?

So, this Kody-Robyn relationship started out as Meri’s little secret with Robyn and Kody Brown. It also came as something her two co-wives were unaware of.

Knowing something her other wives didn’t know made her feel closer to Kody. But it eventually backfired. Everything changed once Meri was out of the equation when it was time for Robyn Brown to spend time with the man she was going to marry, Kody Brown.

Now Meri Brown was in the same shoes as her Sister Wives co-wives. So, bringing Robyn into the family didn’t just jab at Christine and Janelle at one point, Meri also felt the sadness of Kody Brown turning his attentions elsewhere as her co-wives did. Maybe file this story under what goes around comes around?

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