‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Please Take Notice – Fans Fear You Missed This

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown endures her share of slams from fans but today she gets genuine concern as they see something she may not see. Sister Wives followers also beg her to take heed of their observations. This is not a rumor or idle chatter coming from viewers of the TLC series.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Causes Serious Concerns

While people love to take digs at a man with four wives, the Sister Wives followers also respect these women as people. So when the camera centered on Robyn’s face over the last few episodes, viewers grew concerned.

A bulge in Robyn’s neck resembles a diagnosis many appear to recognize. One Sister Wives fan left a comment on an article asking that someone please contact Robyn as she may have health problems she’s unaware of.

While fan concerns range from suspecting thyroid issues to “lymphoma cancer.” One person claimed, “you can see it in her neck.” The coloring of her skin also came into question, which suggests she may be sick.

This is not meant to be mean. This appears as someone who tuned in to watch Sister Wives wants to sincerely warn Robyn Brown. But not just one fan mentioned this. Others did as well.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

Stranger Things Have Happened

While you might think it’s odd to pay any credence to an armchair diagnosis from one of the nationwide audience. But last summer, a Florid reporter from WFLA, Victoria Price, was contacted by a viewer. They spotted a lump on her neck. The viewer told her that it reminded her of her own lump, which came with the diagnosis of cancer.

This is basically what the Sister Wives viewers attempt to make Robyn Brown aware of today. They observed something. Some of the comments say they are familiar with this and beg the youngest Sister Wives spouse to check this out with her doctor.

Victoria reported to her audience that she did follow through after the viewer contacted her via email. Sadly, she was right. Her lump was a cancerous growth. She said she would have never gone to the doctor’s office. The viewer’s email prompted her to do so.

This reporter did have a tumor, which she had surgically removed. It spread to her thyroid and some lymph nodes, which also underwent surgery as well. This doesn’t mean Sister Wives star, Robyn has the same diagnosis. But it does worry her audience enough that they attempt to contact her with their fears today.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Stayed Under the Radar

During the last Sister Wives hiatus between seasons, Robyn Brown was the only co-wife that stayed out of the public eye. Back then people worried that she may be sick. Some even suggested she was pregnant.

But when Robyn showed up in the new season, fears subsided. But now Robyn is the center of attention for worried followers today. No matter what any of the show enthusiasts think of her marriage to Kody Brown, no one wishes her harm.

So, it seems many people hope that she takes these concerns seriously. Folks who watch the show prompted her to visit her doctor. These observations are passed along with the utmost respect to Robyn Brown.

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