‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Humiliated – Did Her Co-wife Set Her Up?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown was raked over the coals by a co-wife and also fans when it came to an event that lasted only a few seconds. Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series know all too well what happened when Kody planted that first kiss on Robyn.

It’s bizarre how those couple of seconds seem to haunt Sister Wives star Robyn Brown through the last decade. But something appears strange about this kiss, especially because the wife who squawked the hardest is reportedly the one who suggested it in the first place.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Treads Muddy Water

Kody Brown leaned over and kissed Robyn for the first time after she accepted his marriage proposal. This opened the flood gates for some very muddy water to surround this future Sister Wives bride.

It seems that Christine Brown didn’t hesitate to make her disdain for this behavior public. In the video below she described how she freaked out when she first heard about it. It appears that when her Sister Wives’ husband kissed Robyn, he did so outside the sanctity of plural marriage. It also looks like he made a big polygamy no-no, according to Christine.

But Christine Brown seems to turn this around on Robyn Brown. In the video, she appears somewhat indignant about Robyn’s part in this kiss. Sister Wives fans noted at the time that while Robyn Brown thinks she hurt this co-wife, it looks more like Christine is angered rather than hurt.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Christine Brown


Unlike Robyn, She Would Never Kiss a Married Man

Christine Brown, the third wife to join the Sister Wives tribe, said that she would never think of kissing a married man. This is what Robyn Brown did, claims Christine. She also shares that she herself didn’t kiss Kody until the deal was sealed at the altar. While this conversation appears in the video below, it differs from Kody Brown’s recollection of his talk with Christine.

A while back, Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown explains why he felt compelled to give Robyn a kiss before they married. Believe it or not, he pointed the finger at Christine. Kody said that even before he courted Robyn Brown, Christine gave him a pointer. She told her husband how she waited to kiss him until they became husband and wife. According to Kody, Christine said how she made a mistake by waiting.

Christine also said that she regretted not sharing a kiss before they married, according to Kody. So, Kody Brown said that it was under Christine’s direction that he took  Robyn’s face in his hands and kissed her. His third wife made him promise that he wouldn’t wait next time around.

Sister Wives: Who Hurt Who?

Then during one of the couch segments, seen above, Robyn Brown starts to cry. She worries that she hurt Christine with that kiss. Next Christine shakes her head to suggest that she did hurt her. While this is just one kiss, it seems it caused quite the blowup that won’t go away.

Robyn has talked about how mortifying it was to ride out the backlash over the kiss. She also felt that by this going public, it took away some private moments she had with Kody. For Robyn, it made those moments just awful instead of cherished memories.

So, why did Christine tell Kody to kiss his next Sister Wives fiance before they married but then broadcast it as such taboo? Really, the only one to suffer over this public scolding was Robyn Brown.

Christine Brown went on and on about how devastating this was to her. But from what Kody said, he only did what Christine suggested. So did she set this up or did Kody possibly hear her wrong? Whatever happened, it looks as if Robyn Brown paid the price for it.

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