‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Excuse Too Late – Damage Is Done Online

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is under the microscope again online as a new photo suggests she snubbed the rest of the family recently. Viewers of the TLC show have seen all the Sister Wives spouses attend the milestones for all the kids. So when Aspyn Brown graduated college she posted a family portrait of all in attendance. That’s when fans noticed one of her “moms” missing.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Missing In Family Portrait

This photo comes on the heels of reports suggesting a rift between the wives and Kody Brown. The reports indicate Kody hangs his hat full time at Robyn’s house with his other Sister Wives women not seeing much of him. Now with Robyn Brown not showing up in the graduation picture, it adds more fuel to the fire of a Sister Wives battle to those debating this online.

When Aspyn was ready to dress in her gown on her wedding day she did something sweet. She requested “all” her moms in the room with her as she got ready for her walk down the aisle. It’s obvious that this young woman loves and respects all Kody Brown’s spouses. To some Sister Wives fans, Robyn’s absence at Aspyn’s special day was a snub to the other wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Family Members

Damage Control

It looked as if Aspyn attempted some damage control as fans of Sister Wives deciphered a missing Robyn to be more than what it is. She commented that Robyn Brown got up feeling “terrible” but she did celebrate with the family later. But unfortunately for Aspyn, it looks like the damage is done.  People ran with Robyn being a no-show at her college graduation tagging this as a snub.

Aspyn, who said she doesn’t think she’ll go for plural marriage, wants to keep her husband all for herself. Mitch Thompson, Aspyn’s husband, has left that choice to his wife since he too comes from a family where some members practice polygamy. Despite her decision not to share her husband with sister wives, Aspyn loves the family she has. She loved growing up in this large family, which is something she’s shared on Sister Wives. So it was sad for some fans to see her share a picture of her big day only for other fans to use it against someone she loves – Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Things Happen

While Robyn’s absence made quite the impression for the online critics, some folks defended the fourth wife of Kody Brown. Some people suggested that you can’t plan on getting sick only when it’s convenient for you. A few did back Robyn Brown while suggesting the timing wasn’t her fault. Still, Robyn is often seen by viewers as the center of many of the problems between the Sister Wives family members. It started from the first day she showed up on the show almost a decade ago.

Kody Brown was in love and he followed Robyn around like a teenager. This triggered the other wives with some level of jealousy from the get-go. Despite several years of marriage to Kody, quite a few fans still peg her as his favorite wife. Kody had plans drawn up for a proposed one big Sister Wives house for the entire family to live in. But it looked like favoritism with Robyn getting a huge section in comparison to the other wives.

Robyn Poked Online for Luxury Living

Right now the Sister Wives brood lives in temporary homes until four Coyote Pass dwellings or one big house goes up. But Robyn’s temporary home looks fit for a king. She rented a huge million-dollar mansion. Recent reports have Kody living there with Robyn. Kody’s vehicles sit outside Robyn’s house, which offers the evidence. His two main rides, a blue sports car along with a motorcycle, remain parked at Robyn Brown’s house. That’s where they sit day and night, which seems to indicate its where Kody Brown spends his time.

These reports do make fans wonder what’s going on in the plural marriage of the Sister Wives. But to suggest Robyn snubbed Aspyn’s college graduation is a stretch. Especially after how she interacted with Aspyn at her wedding. You could tell they are close. So it looks like Robyn Brown can’t feel a little under the weather without a buzz online. Sometimes feeling sick means just that – you’re feeling sick!

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