‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown And Kody Having a Baby To Save TLC Series?

Sister Wives fans wonder if Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn Brown are expecting another child together. The couple has a total of five children, three of which are Robyn’s from her first marriage to David Preston Jessop.

Rating for the family’s TLC show Sister Wives steadily declined the last several seasons. So, perhaps Kody persuaded Robyn Brown to have one last child to bolster ratings. Here are a few hints that add fuel to the speculation that Brown Baby #19 might be on its way.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Shows Pregnancy Signs in New Promo

In promo videos for Sister Wives, just released this week, Robyn certainly looks heavier and it looks like there could be a baby bump in her flowy clothing. This caused fans to once again believe Kody’s only legal wife is pregnant with the couple’s sixth child and the family’s nineteenth.

It’s also noteworthy how emotional Sister Wives last spouse Robyn Brown is throughout the video. Her emotions are all over the place. In fact, she’s shown crying in multiple scenes. This is something many pregnant women experience. However, viewers also know Robyn’s a crier. So, it could be just that.

But, all those tears coupled with the clothing, and apparent weight gain all point to a possible pregnancy.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Needed A Baby To Save His Series?

Sister Wives star Kody is not above pulling out all the stops to make sure TLC keeps his family’s show on the air. Ratings declined since the series premiered 10 years ago. Rumors say Kody went all out to get the powers that be at the network to keep the show. First, he offered a salary reduction of nearly 80%. Basically, the five spouses work for one salary. That tactic seemed to work in the short-term. And last season was all about the big move to AZ.

However, babies keep viewers hooked. And the Sister Wives husband of four knows that a new baby with Robyn or a new fifth wife would be the one sure way to keep the reality TV checks coming. So, with both decisions resting on Robyn Brown’s shoulders, it should be no surprise she’d consider another child. Surely, that would be preferable to another wife – for Robyn Brown and the other three spouses.

Sister Wives: Thanksgiving Family Photo Another Hint

One other recent hint fueling the Robyn Brown pregnancy rumors was the family photo of the five spouses taken on Thanksgiving. The picture the Sister Wives and their mutual husband were shared by all the wives except Robyn on their individual Instagram pages. In that picture, three of the wives are seen wearing shoes. However, Robyn is barefoot.

So, it looks like Robyn and the other Browns might have sent a visual clue to the Sister Wives fan base that she was pregnant. You know the saying “barefoot and pregnant” and she was the only one not in socks or shoes with feet bare. And, it was a frigid day in Flagstaff with temps in the mid-30s when the snap was taken.

It seems strange that Robyn Brown ventured out in that chilly air barefoot to pose for pics. Unless she wanted to rally the rumor mill ahead of the new season debut in early 2020. So, if there’s a Brown Baby 19 on the way, it very well might be Kody’s insurance policy for more seasons. Fans surely would continue to tune in to see the birth of Robyn Brown’s baby.

So, watch the video above. See if you spot a bump. And stay tuned to see if Season 14 Sister Wives confirms another Brown baby’s on the way with Robyn Brown. And watch TLC to see new episodes starting Sunday, January 5 at 8 pm.

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