‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Nightstand Spawns Popular Question for Fans

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown is the only wife that fans got to watch get courted by Kody Brown before joining this plural marriage. Robyn entered into the marriage as wife number four. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown came to this marriage a couple of decades ahead of Robyn.

So, despite this new wife falling under their belief of religion, human emotions clicked in. One of the most noticeable of those emotions witnessed by the Sister Wives viewers – jealousy. Especially when it came to Robyn Brown sparking unintentional jealousy among the Sister Wives in the first few seasons of the TLC reality series.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Spiked Jealousy

The Sister Wives women admitted this later on down the line, both in interviews and in the book they penned together. Robyn’s entrance into this family caused a lot of jealousy. The other three wives believed Robyn Brown did not do this on purpose. Jealousy surfaced even for Meri Brown, who was instrumental in bringing Robyn onboard.

In one of the early Sister Wives seasons, the women talked about handling that Jealousy. For Sister Wives patriarch’s part on keeping things running smoothly, he never displays romantic advances with one wife if the other wives might possibly see this.

The Sister Wives co-wives shared how they became proactive with some unwritten rules they too all seem to abide by.  For the wives, the one place that made them uncomfortable is in one of the other Sister Wives ladies’ bedrooms.

These are the rooms that their husband engages in intimate activity with another woman. So, it stands to reason one wife would feel a twinge of jealousy when in another wife’s bedroom. For that reason, the women of Sister Wives stay away from that one room in each wife’s house. That is except when it can’t be helped.

One case in point happened while the Sister Wives cameras rolled. The wives toured their four homes for the Sister Wives audience, While doing so they were uncomfortable when they reached the individual bedrooms. But Robyn Brown’s bedroom seemed to spark anxiety more so than the other wives’ bedrooms.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Some of the Most Asked Questions…

That’s because they spotted something on Robyn Brown’s nightstand next to the bed. It appears it hit home to the other three women that only their shared husband could have left that there. Now, this is one of the trivia questions thrown around about Sister Wives.

“What was on Robyn’s nightstand?”

While the item was not mentioned on the Sister Wives episode, reports indicated it was a condom. While it was easy to see the comfort level of the ladies tank, fans could only surmise at the time that this is what they saw. But it seems what they eyed in Robyn’s bedroom, appeared like a calling card from Kody Brown.

What is the most asked question from fans?

When the wives were asked during an interview what is one of the most asked questions from fans, they all chimed in at the same time. The co-wives fro the Sister Wives series said two words – “the schedule”.

While there’s not an actually written schedule, Kody Brown has one in his head, the wives have said a few times both on and off the show. With four wives, this husband rotates, so each wife gets him every fourth night.

That’s how the original schedule went but in the last season, fans learned Kody is not living with Meri anymore, which for most fans translates into he no longer sleeps at her house. If that is the case then it sounds as if Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown get him once every three nights.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: More Touchy Questions…

People tend to ask about a fifth wife for Kody Brown. One of his wives once asked Kody how he would feel sharing her with another man. That is if she took on another husband. Papa Brown shocked fans with his answer

What about another wife for their husband Kody Brown?

The women of the Sister Wives brood feel that Kody already has a fifth wife, do you know what that is?  His hair. Kody spends so much time doing his hair that they’ve dubbed that mane on top of his head, Kody Brown’s fifth wife.

Will the Sister Wives ever add a fifth wife? Janelle’s answer to this from a 2011 interview on The Rosie Show probably explains how they feel about this topic the best.

Janelle said, “I don’t think we are looking for any more family members”. She went on to explain how, finding another wife is a “very spiritual decision” for the five of them in the plural marriage. She also conveyed that while the Sister Wives spouses meet many people, they’re not people they can see joining their family.

The patriarch also chimed in on that one. He said that they’re not looking for another wife. But just for the sake of the conversation, the decision would come from the four wives along with him. If just one wife didn’t want to do this, he couldn’t take a fifth wife.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Good for the Goose But Not for the Gander?

How would Kody Brown feel if one of his wives took on another husband?

What about Kody when asked how he would feel if a wife took another husband. His answer shocked fans back then because it sounded as if he couldn’t put himself in his wives’ place. It seems he had definite negative feelings on this.

During the first season of Sister Wives Meri Brown asked her the family’s leader how he would feel if she took another husband. He looked angered and said he wasn’t at all comfortable with that. Then he added: “The vulgarity of you with two husbands or another lover sickens me”.  It looks like what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander in his eyes.

These little tidbits are just a few of the highlights from years past. With Sister Wives gearing up for another season, chances are this isn’t the last of some jaw-dropping scenarios.

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