‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Robyn Brown Join Forces – New Pic Mows Down Online Chatter

Sister Wives online chatter gets a hit of reality from Meri Brown as she posts a BFF pic with Robyn Brown online today along with a touching tribute. Robyn has been missing in family photos online for the last few months. This sparked all kinds of assumptions among Sister Wives followers. Some fans thought she threw the towel in on the other wives. Others thought she might be pregnant. But the scuttlebutt mainly suggested she’s keeping Kody all to herself.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Meri Brown Puts Robyn Brown Chatter to Bed

Over the past few months, Robyn Brown was missing from online family photos. She wasn’t in Aspyn Brown Thompson’s graduation pictures. Her other three Sister Wives moms were in the photo Aspyn posted online but no Robyn. Then fan photos of the Brown clan’s trip to Disneyland showed Kody with only three of his four wives and again she’s missing.

When Aspyn saw the online comments about Robyn not making it to her graduation she jumped in to explain. She said how Robyn woke up not feeling well. But she was expected to join them later to celebrate. In Disneyland, the fan who posted the Sister Wives family photo confirmed Robyn wasn’t with the family when they took the picture.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Robyn Brown

Why Is Robyn Missing?

Robyn Brown missing from these two family events sparked questions – “is she pregnant”? That would explain waking up not feeling well. It would also explain her absence from Disneyland. Pregnancy and theme park rides don’t mix well.

This latest post doesn’t dispell the chatter putting Robyn Brown at odds with the other two wives. But it sure does show she means the world to Meri Brown. The latest pic of the two wives together is from their trip to Chicago. Reports put Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown in the windy city a few weeks ago.

This was the first sign of the Sister Wives filming another season. The family visited with Mariah Brown and the woman she plans to marry, Audrey Kriss. The reports from Chicago local news had the Brown family filming while there. But still, TLC hasn’t passed down the official word. This is nothing new for the TLC network. Usually, the camera crews are seen filming one of their reality shows before they officially announce another season.

Sister Wives – Meri’s Tribute to Robyn

The one thing this latest picture conveys is that Meri Brown continues a tight relationship with the fourth wife of Kody Brown. Meri considers Kody’s youngest wife someone who has her back and who she trusts. Reports indicate that Meri continues to “shade” her Sister Wives co-spouses. It seems this pic shows that’s not the case with at least one of the wives. The picture caption seemed to say it all. Meri writes:

“Everyone needs someone who has her back, who she can call friend, who she can trust, yes, even when she creeps up on you in a dark alley in Chicago.”

Meri met Robyn first and introduced her to Kody. So these two Sister Wives spouses were friends before Kody Brown took her as his fourth wife. From the looks of Meri Brown’s latest post, nothing has changed between the two. Meri and Robyn are still very close friends.

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