‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Settles – Finds Wife #1 Out of Her Reach

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown describes herself as once being a first wife who never thought she’d end up as number four on husband’s roster. It might seem odd to hear Robyn dub herself a first wife when she was the only wife in her last marriage. But that’s how she sees it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Was Once Wife #1… Kind Of

Apparently, Robyn Brown’s first marriage started out with the same type of plan as Kody Brown’s Sister Wives. She said they had planned to add more wives as time went on.

Robyn and her first husband, David Preston Jessop, belonged to the same religious sector as Kody Brown and his wives. So when Robyn married David, the plan eventually called for more wives.

But before they could turn into a plural marriage, Robyn divorced her husband. She said that she didn’t like the way he treated their kids. Robyn described it as bullying behavior towards their three children, who now have Kody as their legal father

So they parted ways and through fate, the Sister Wives patriarch crossed her path and a new journey began. But between then and now, a lot of stuff happened that viewers didn’t see on the show.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Would Never See Number One Again

Sister Wives‘s Robyn has written and explained what a marriage with  multiple wives looks like from their church’s view. She said most men have two wives and a few have three, but not very many have four wives, like Kody Brown.

When Robyn divorced and decided she’d marry again one day, she knew she would never be a first wife again. She had three kids and she was also older than when first wives tend to marry.

Robyn knew she’d have to settle for a second or possibly a third sister-wife position at her stage of the game. But she never dreamed she’d be marrying into the fourth wife slot of plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown - Dayton Brown

Sister Wives: Being a Fourth Wife – Not Enticing

From what Kody Brown and his Sister Wives ladies have said in the past, there’s no official cap on the number of wives a man can have. But, as Robyn says, with each new wife, comes new opinions and different ways of doing things.

This future wife of the Sister Wives clan explained how the more wives you add, the more complicated things get. After Robyn first met Kody and Meri, her cousin Reba told her she needed to come to Lehi and pursue Kody Brown and his family. Reba said Kody had his eye on her. But Robyn had a few questions first.

One of the most important questions she asked her cousin  – how many wives does Kody Brown have? When Reba told her three, this threw a big hesitation into the mix for this future Sister Wives celebrity.

Robyn Brown knew her age and kids would probably prevent her from being a first wife. But she had more of a second wife’s position in mind, possibly a third. But she wasn’t interested in being number four.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Fate Intervenes For Robyn Brown

This caused Robyn Brown to struggled with her decision – should she go to Lehi and meet Kody’s family or not? So she played a game with herself. If she saw the name “Kody” anywhere, that is fate moving in. Then she’d go.

While she didn’t mention whether she saw the name or not, she made her decision via her kids. She left it up to them without her kids even knowing this.

Her children hate long car rides and Lehi was about three hours away from Robyn Brown’s home in Utah. So. she asked the kids if they wanted to go to Lehi and visit Reba. Robyn expected a unanimous “no.”

But the kids wanted to go, so they went. This put Robyn Brown on track to become Sister Wives – wife number four. While it’s a number Robyn Brown thought she’d never find attached to her… the rest is Sister Wives’ history.

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