‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Dismisses Kody’s Plan as ‘Pipe Dream’?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown apparently knew with Kody Brown what she was in for when she agreed to marry him and his large family. Even before she said her vows, this future wife seemed to know how Kody operated, and she didn’t run. Instead, Robyn Brown stayed with Kody and his Sister Wives tribe.

Sister Wives: Here Comes Robyn Brown

According to Robyn Brown, she saw red flags on Kody Brown’s attention-getting antics when they first met. Even when driving up to the Sister Wives home for the first time, a hint of staging surfaced.

Robyn Brown, AKA Robyn Sullivan back then, visited the Sister Wives family home, bringing along her cousin. The Brown adults invited the prospective fourth wife to meet the family, and Kody’s three wives prepared a feast.

This marked the first time Robyn Brown would be with all the family in one place. Kody Brown previously brought some of the kids to Robyn Brown’s home, but this was the grand finale.

Understandably, Robyn felt a lot of pressure. These were the people she’d spend the rest of her life with if it all worked. But even before getting out of the car, something hit the soon-to-be Sister Wives bride.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Red Flags Fly Around Kody Brown

With new cars seemingly placed strategically in the driveway, it reminded Robyn of something. The future Sister Wives’ spouse turned to her cousin to ask her if they just arrived at an episode of Cribs.

The MTV show was popular back then, as each episode focused on a swanky celebrity home. Most belonged to rock or hip hop stars. They notoriously lined up rides outside to show off for the camera. Robyn saw this in the Sister Wives driveway — a display of expensive cars indicating comfortable living.

So, it seems this future wife caught the antics of Kody Brown right away. Instead of seeing this as a red flag about a need for attention, she sounded flattered. It appears that Robyn Brown knew what she was dealing with when it came to the Sister Wives patriarch — or did she?

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Sister Wives: Robyn Tags Kody’s Vision a Pipe Dream

While Robyn got to know Kody better, he talked about a television show that would feature him, his wives, and kids. Maybe it’s because Robyn already expected Kody liked to dream big and show off that she dismissed this. She considered it a “pipe dream” of her future husband.

By the time she realized Kody’s dream would materialize, she already planned to marry the guy. In a book the Sister Wives adults penned, Robyn said she reconsidered marrying Kody after realizing the show was part of the package deal.

Kody was upfront about it, but his future wife didn’t take his TV show chatter seriously. The Sister Wives shared husband basically warned his future bride that this was part of the deal. But she didn’t believe it.

Much like how Robyn Brown asked God for a rental all last season, she asked God if a reality show was part of his plan for her then. While she didn’t elaborate on whether she got an answer, apparently, one arrived.

The rest is history. Robyn Brown not only became part of the Sister Wives series, but some fans believe her presence with Kody Brown monopolized it from the beginning.

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