‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown the Kept Wife – Supporting Her Part of Kody’s Deal?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown keeps fans in the dark about income sources for his large family especially when it comes to Robyn Brown. Three of Kody’s wives all seem to bring in money from various venues. But Robyn isn’t even doing the easy gig of promoting products online.

Sister Wives: Three Wives Of Kody Brown Do It – Why Not All Four?

The original three wives of Kody Brown tap into the Sister Wives fan base to generate income but not Robyn Brown. Sure, she has two young kids at home but a shout-out for a specific product doesn’t take up much time.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown use their Sister Wives fame for online sales. But for some reason, Robyn Brown doesn’t do this. When it comes to making money, Meri probably did the most by using her fame towards this goal.

Out of all five adults in this plural marriage, reports suggest that the first wife generates the most online income. As a top sales rep for a clothing company, Meri appears to rake in the money with her online sales.

Christine generates money from her online sales of the same attire that Meri Brown peddles. But this third wife from the Sister Wives brood also promotes quite a few products online as well.

Janelle is also big with online promotions. While the clothing sold by two of her Sister Wives cohorts doesn’t appear to be her cup of tea, she promotes holistic-type products. Both Janelle and Christine also do fan-requested Cameo videos for a fee. These three ladies make their fame work for them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody and Robyn Brown Seal Their Own Fate?

Robyn Brown said in the past that she can’t take the bullying online. She also acknowledges that many Sister Wives followers see her as a homewrecker. But Robyn claims the fans misunderstood her when believing that she wrecked a happy home. She also sees this as the root of the nasty online comments.

This homewrecker theme started from the get-go of the Sister Wives series. While this fan-mindset lost a bit of its bite, some of the TLC viewers still see it that way today. Kody Brown’s original three Sister Wives shared this plural marriage for a decade and a half before Robyn entered the picture.

Robyn Brown mentioned just how disturbed she gets from this criticism when penning a book with her Sister Wives’ spouses years ago. This theory may possibly come from the way she came on board the S.S. Sister Wives. Early antics seen between Kody and Robyn seem to lay the foundation of this fan mind-set.

Maybe Kody Brown made a mistake by featuring his honeymoon and elaborate wedding on the screen for the world to see. Or just maybe he could have played down his more-than-smitten behavior towards his new and young bride at the time. At least while the Sister Wives cameras rolled.

Back then, the camera panned in on Kody as he followed Robyn around like a love-starved teen. But it also panned in on Christine. This third wife was pregnant and in tears as Kody had tunnel vision for Robyn.

So haters emerged and Robyn stays clear of them when she can. Maybe selling or promoting online scares her because it offers the potential of a flood of nasty comments.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Decides Fourth Wife’s Lifestyle Before Marriage?

Kody Brown admits he suffered from money problems at the time he became engaged to Robyn Brown. It seems this theme runs all through the seasons of the Sister Wives show. But he mentions at the time he needed to find the money to move her closer to their family.

Back then Robyn lived in Utah but about four hours away from Kody Brown’s Sister Wives house in Lehi. This is the house shared by the original three wives before Robyn hit Kody Brown’s radar. Kody also said how he couldn’t support Robyn yet and of course, the three kids who came with her. But he knew God would provide him a way to do this.

Robyn also mentions the lack of money as well. So it sounds as if Robyn went into this marriage expecting to be supported by the husband she would share. At the time Kody sold billboard advertising.

He had a tough time with money while supporting three wives and his growing number of kids. The billboards gig wasn’t very lucrative. Yet when he finally sold one, he used that money, along with Robyn’s tax return, to move this pending wife to Lehi.

Apparently, Kody Brown swooped in and moved Robyn with the intention of supporting her. It sounds as if both understood it that way.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Time to Step Up to the Plate

At one point the co-wives and Kody sat down with Robyn as she attempted to get her spouses to help her with her online store. They basically told her it was her baby. It seems she had a rude awakening when learning everyone is expected to pull their own weight.

Even before Robyn married Kody, he moved his future wife to her own home in Lehi. That money that he prayed for appears to come by the way of their then-new Sister Wives gig. Robyn explains that the discussions about the show finally materialized into a TLC series. It seems the network helped pay for the things needed to roll the show, like their elaborate wedding.

Even today Robyn Brown still doesn’t seem to hold a job anywhere. Yet she lives in a million-dollar house, that’s owned by both she and Kody. This is while two of the original wives live in rental homes.

Not to mention Janelle’s home seems like quite the downgrade from her Sister Wives Vegas house. So did Kody intend to support Robyn Brown when he married her and is that’s what still goes on today?

The Sister Wives ladies and Kody mention several times throughout the seasons that they all pool their money. But unless Robyn is secretly independently wealthy, what does she have to pool?

Still, from what Kody and Robyn said years back, it sounded as if Kody intended to support Robyn once she became his wife. It looks as though this could still be the case.

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