‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Gets Measly Space – Kody Lavishes Robyn in New House Plans

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might just have another reason to feel left out after Kody Brown‘s secret meeting on Sunday night’s episode. Kody’s one big house idea for all four wives left Meri with a tiny amount of living space. It’s like a closet compared to what he allotted for Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wants Meri Brown in Closet-Size Space?

It looks like Meri Brown won’t get her fair share of space. That is if it’s left up to the Sister Wives‘s husband, Kody Brown. With 1,500 square feet allotted to her piece of the house, her place is tiny. Yet Robin not only gets 3,500 in living space but a “granny apartment” for her folks when they visit.

When the bills roll in for this huge house, chances are Meri Brown won’t pay a tiny piece of them. Each wife is usually expected to contribute equally.

Kody Brown allotted Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown enough room for the kids at home now. Since Meri’s only daughter lives in Chicago, Meri Brown is alone. But Robyn Brown gets a section that includes two master bedroom suites. Apparently one of those master bedrooms goes to Robyn’s son. He’ll be living at home while going to college.

SW: Fans See Robyn Brown Gets the Queen’s Share

It seems that some Sister Wives fans aren’t buying Kody Brown’s financial reason for moving to Flagstaff. Many viewers believe it’s Robyn Brown who initiated the move. But she’s having Kody do the footwork as if it’s his idea.

With her son in an Arizona college, Robyn gets to have him home with her by moving there. Kody Brown confirmed on Sunday night’s show that Dayton intends to live with Robyn while going to college.

Sister Wives: Papa Brown Transparent When It Comes to Robyn?

Even when Kody Brown talked about the one big home with the draftswoman, he blew by Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown’s sections. The Sister Wives patriarch spent a lot of time on what he wanted for the section Robyn gets.

At one point Kody suggested he wanted a master bedroom of his own in this huge house he’s dying to build. After watching him complain he can never find is stuff for the last 13 seasons maybe he wants one spot that’s just his?

SW: Kody Wants To Build Airport Hanger-Size Home?

Kody thinks this one house is a more economical way to live. That’s his main concern – saving money. Then he’ll have access to his kids all in one big house as well.

But after listening to all the things he wants in this Sister Wives dwelling, it sounds like they need to build something bigger than an airport hanger. One that houses a few 747 jets.

First of all, the SW women do not want to live under the same roof with each other. The wives made that very clear several times on the show. Secondly, once Kody Brown presents this plan to the wives and they see Robyn with the lion’s share of the pie – that’s probably going to go over like a lead balloon.

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