‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Pushes His Stud Factor Too Far With Draftswoman?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seemed to push the bedroom “must haves” to the point of embarrassment during Sunday night’s episode. The TLC husband of four wives met with a draftswoman to design his secret one big home. But after this meeting, even he confessed he went a bit too far.

Kody made it very clear what he wants. Especially for sleeping arrangements in one dwelling for his four wives.

Kody Brown tells the draftswoman that he needs each wife’s individual bedrooms soundproofed. Furthermore, he didn’t spare the details for his reason behind this request.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pushes Intimate Spaces

It’s understandable that his Sister Wives spouses would want privacy in their bedrooms. But Kody made it clear the first time he mentioned it. He gave the draftswoman an earful when it came to sleeping quarters.

Kody Brown couldn’t emphasize enough that his wives need to feel safe in their “intimate spaces”. With that said – she got it. But… he wasn’t through giving the details of that intimate space to the woman.

SW: Did Bedroom Talk Serve Hidden Agenda – Ego?

It seems Kody Brown needed to take it a bit further. Despite his idea of isolating his wives’ four bedrooms, which is now more than clear to this draftswoman, he continued on.

The man with four wives wants what goes on in the bedroom to stay within the walls of that bedroom. But was this the Sister Wives patriarch’s only agenda for harping on this?

It got to a point where it looked like he might be trying to paint himself as somewhat of a stud. Was this about his male ego – more so than designing bedroom space?

Sister Wives: Pillow Talk – She Get’s It

Kody reiterates this a third time for the draftswoman. Again one of his main requirements has to do with his wives’ master bedrooms. Kody insists the bedrooms can’t be near each other. Ok, point taken.

But apparently, the head of this Sister Wives family needs to elaborate even further. This time he goes too far.

Kody Brown tells the draftswoman that when he is in the bedroom with each wife, they need to feel like they’re the only woman in the world. The woman drawing up the plans finally tells him “OK, stop, I know, I get it.”  All she wants to know is square footage, not what goes on within that footage.

SW: Kody Thinks He Got Too Graphic?

Next, Kody talks into the Sister Wives camera. Once again he said how he needs his wives to feel safe in this intimate space. But finally, it looks like he realizes he pushed this bedroom thing too far with the draftswoman.

Papa Brown then says he might have gotten too graphic in his explanation, as he continued on about barriers and soundproofing of the master suites. It looks like Kody wasn’t the only one concerned about how this looked to the draftswoman. Robyn hopped online after watching the show Sunday night. You can see her post below.

Sister Wives: Papa Brown Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

While Kody Brown has visions of one big house in his head – his wives do not. The Sister Wives women made it extremely clear they’re not interested in all of them living under one roof.

Still, Kody Brown wants this plan to present to his wives at one of his family meetings. He believes they might change their minds when they see what he envisions for a huge family dwelling. It sure seems like Kody Brown tempts fate with this one!

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