‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown About to Jump Ship? Family Thinks So

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is in no hurry to leave Las Vegas, as the other wives and Kody Brown scurry to get their move underway. This left Kody and his other three spouses riddled with anxiety on Sunday night’s show. The episode this week filmed what was going on with the Brown clan months ago. So just maybe this is the beginning of the end for Meri Brown?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Bides Her Time

While the other three women from Sister Wives secured homes in Flagstaff for their big move, Meri Brown lags behind. Is she doing this on purpose or is finding a rental for one person that hard in Flagstaff, Arizona?

Despite the urgency that Kody Brown and the other wives feel about this move to Arizona, Meri Brown comes off as feeling the opposite. And there’s a good reason behind this. The big push to Arizona has to do with the kids getting settled in time for school to start.

SW: One Empty Nest

Meri Brown doesn’t have any school-aged children. Her one daughter is away at college and engaged to be married. Plus, the first wife of this Sister Wives clan is up to her elbows in business commitments. And she explains this in details to the members of her plural marriage.

Since the timing of this move means nothing to Meri, she intends to fulfill her previous obligations before she gets her moving underway. This includes business obligations. But most of all she’s making good on her promise to help her daughter Mariah Brown move.

Sister Wives: One Skeptical Bunch

For some strange reason, Kody Brown and his four wives have a problem believing Meri. It looks like Janelle, Christine, and Robyn don’t think she’s fully committed to the move. Despite Meri Brown reassuring them so many different times, for some reason, they’re still not buying it.

As you watch the Sister Wives hold a family meeting on Sunday night’s episode you might ask yourself what’s wrong with this picture. Everyone acts so invested in getting Meri to Arizona. But not one of the other wives mentions the obvious. Neither did Kody Brown for that matter.

SW: Oversized Houses But Not One Invite

While you learn Christine purchased a home in Arizona, you also learn Janelle and Robyn rented houses there as well. Robyn rented a seven-bedroom home with five bathrooms. It sounds like Janelle and Christine’s homes are also a good size, yet not one of the Sister Wives family members invited the first wife to stay with them until she found a place.

While the Sister Wives women made it abundantly clear they won’t move in together, Meri, Janelle, and Christine shared a home at one time. This was before Robyn joined the brood. So they could give up their privacy for a few months and ask Meri Brown to stay with them. That’s only if they are as desperate as they seem to get the first wife to Arizona.

Sister Wives: What’s Up with Kody Brown’s First Wife?

Not everyone is in a panic over Meri Brown staying behind for a while. The opposite appears true for Christine. She’s actually happy if someone stays in Vegas while the houses remain on the real estate market.

So what’s up with the Sister Wives brood? So much goes on without the cameras rolling so it’s hard to tell. Despite Meri reassuring her family that she is going to Flagstaff, they’re still apprehensive. Is something going on that the viewers aren’t privy to? Finally, is this the first step to Meri Brown wiggling away from the Brown clan?

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