‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Warned – Meri Wants Spouses ‘Bowing at Her Feet’?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown seems to feel the brunt of a blowup over her co-wife Meri Brown on Sunday night’s new episode. Better yet, fans of this TLC show will finally learn the details of those “table scraps” in a clip that’s circulated since this season began.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Kotows to Meri Brown

One Sister Wives scene played out over and over again since the new season rolled out and it’s left fans somewhat confused. This scene starts with a furious Kody Brown yelling at Robyn Brown.

Kody tells Robyn that she gets all the other wives’ table scraps. The husband of four doesn’t stop there. It is obvious he’s furious at Meri Brown. Especially when says some less-than-stellar things about the original Sister Wives matriarch.

This husband of four not only screams but he does a bizarre stamping dance. The Sister Wives husban seems to keep rhythm with his feet for each syllable he says. Reports indicate that Kody screams at Robyn and warns her that Meri won’t be happy until she gets what she wants. Kody than tells Robyn that Meri wants all the other wives “bowing at her feet” and “waiting on her”  as well.

But this scene goes against the grain of what the Sister Wives viewers usually see on the screen. That’s because Robyn with tables scraps doesn’t match up with what viewers see on this show.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Confused Much Yet?

From where many of the fans sit, Robyn Brown pretty much gets the lion’s share of things. The fourth wife of this Sister Wives brood lives in a bigger house.

Also, reports indicate Kody spends more time with Robyn than he does with his other wives. So Robyn settling for leftovers doesn’t fit what the Sister Wives fans see for themselves as the episodes roll out.

When that scene finally plays out this week, fans learn just what Kody means. It looks like the table scraps turn into something more than meal leftovers for Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, and the Sister Wives clan.

This one Sister Wives husband married four women that he needs to please with his presence. But Robyn seems to be front and center. So hopefully this week’s episode will clear up all the confusion around Kody Brown’s blowup.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finds Competition?

This bizarre chain of events about to roll out on Sunday night’s Sister Wives episode makes Kody look a bit jealous. But there’s not another man in the picture. No, it’s Meri Brown who seems to bring out this jealousy in Kody Brown.

The father of 18 prides himself as the leader of this Sister Wives family. Now his wives seem to rally around Meri for some reason and Kody’s furious. When he lets loose on Robyn Brown about Meri there’s no sugar-coating involved. Yet Robyn looks so infuriated herself that she spits back at Kody telling him – “Stop saying s–t like that!”

He tells his wives that he’s so sick and tired of trying to accommodate Meri. He also tells his other three spouses that Meri won’t be happy until she has all of the wives waiting around for her to decide. So what’s this decision about?

This self-reported unmaterialistic Sister Wives TLC family breaks out in a battle over who gets what building lot on Coyote Pass. While the land holds four parcels of land, apparently the wives fight over which ones they want. Check out the video above for just the tip of the iceberg on Sunday’s new episode.

Tune in to TLC Sunday at 10 pm EST to catch a new episode of this long-running reality show.

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