‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown and Meri Brown Don’t Play Nice in Real-Time?

Sister Wives celebs Robyn Brown and her co-wife, Meri Brown, seem to demonstrate a rather tainted view of things this week. One might even say Meri and Robyn don’t play nice on social media as they trt to make a point. There’s probably a reason Kody Brown also tweeted about next week’s Sister Wives. He wants fans to know that they can look forward to – “fresh h*ll”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Robyn Brown Come Out Swinging

Through the decade of their run on TLC, viewers chastised the Brown patriarch for his self-appointed “leader” role. He demonstrated that in many ways. Like when he woke his family in the dead of night to flee Utah years ago. Then another “I am the leader” move popped up more recently with his urgency to move the Sister Wives clan from Vegas to Flagstaff.

As he’s claimed himself as their leader, Kody Brown’s wives usually back him up in his role. Sometimes they did this through blind faith. They weren’t always confident that his leadership role put them in the right direction. But the Sister Wives ladies went along with him anyway. But it looks as if something changed the last couple of seasons.

In the past few weeks, it seems that both Meri Brown and also Robyn Brown jab back at Kody more than they’ve ever done before. At least the Sister Wives do so in public.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Tweets


Kody Brown Pushed Back By Two Wives

The Sister Wives spouses traditionally live tweet while the new episodes air. It’s like a real-time narration about what went on in the scenes that filmed months ago. Over the last couple of weeks, both Meri Brown and co-conspirator Robyn Brown upped the ante a bit when critiquing Kody’s behavior.

Robyn and the original Sister Wives matriarch, Meri, are close friends within this plural marriage. So it’s no surprise that the two of them seem to gang up on Kody lately. It’s like they feed off each other then take turns landing verbal jabs online at the man they share. They’ve done this before, but it seems the duo upped their game a bit going after their husband lately.

While some of it appears sarcastic, Meri seems to have an issue with him grouping all the Sister Wives together when he talks. See some of the Robyn-Meri back and forth above. There, Meri Brown said Kody is “so wrong” and “shouldn’t be speaking for me” when saying his wives can’t handle seeing him with another woman.

Sister Wives: Tempers Flare

Kody Brown describes the next new Sister Wives episode in strong terms. So, you can only imagine what the spouses will tweet this week. The previews indicate the family fights like never before. It seems the wives go after each other as well as Kody. Robyn Brown, and also Meri Brown, appear in a rare form while critiquing Kody online.

They don’t play nice with Robyn referring to their shared husband as a “baby”. Both Robyn and first spouse Meri take issue with Kody’s comments on the Sister Wives. Papa Brown revealed how he use to love seeing his wives get along and have fun. But now that they killed his dream of one big house idea, he’s put off by them taking sides against him.

The claps backs from Robyn Brown and Meri Brown aimed at Kody may escalate online after the next real episode. We may see these two zing him both on the show and in real-time online. Watch TLC Sunday night for new episodes at 10 pm EST.

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