‘Sister Wives’: Did Meri Brown’s Motives Backfire After Robyn Settled In?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown not only has a complicated relationship with her husband but with Robyn Brown as well, who’s also her best friend. Meri was instrumental in bringing Kody Brown and Robyn together to expand the Sister Wives family.

But while this started as a happy time for Meri Brown, later, Robyn Brown soon became a thorn in her side. Perhaps Meri didn’t see the whole picture when first bringing Robyn into the vast family. So, did she unintentionally set herself up for a rude awakening when it came to Robyn?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown in So-So Relationships Before Robyn Brown

At first, even Kody got a kick out of how close his first wife and Robyn became as they courted Robyn for the Sister Wives plural marriage. This relationship was unlike any Meri ever had before with her Sister Wives co-wives.

The first wife of the Sister Wives clan describes her relationships with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown as comfortable. Meri Brown claimed she wasn’t “completely happy” with either of them when Robyn first entered the picture.

Meri claims, on the surface, she was fine with Christine. And the two have fun together. But their relationship had no depth to it, said wife one. As far as Janelle goes, Meri pens in the Sister Wives book, they “don’t have an extremely close relationship.” But at the same time, they “function well together.”

So, Robyn Brown was the answer to the Sister Wives original matriarch’s prayers — or so she thought.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Fireworks Begin For One Wife and End For Another

Meri Brown and Robyn Brown became close relatively quickly. The two Sister Wives women hit it off and became best friends before the fourth marriage. By this time, there was no love lost between Meri and her two other co-wives. So, Meri thought Robyn Brown would bring the experience she always wanted with another wife.

Some Sister Wives followers questioned Meri’s motives with bringing Robyn into the family back then. She wasn’t getting along with Christine and Janelle at this time. So, some viewers wondered if Robyn was Meri’s way of rattling her two Sister Wives original co-wives.

As veteran viewers of the TLC reality series know, Robyn Brown rattled Christine and Janelle. That started early on, during the courting stage with Kody. But it seems this vision Meri had for a Sister Wives best friend blurred once Kody and Robyn started pairing off alone. By this time, Meri Brown and her husband, Kody, were married for a couple of decades. But then, Robyn became a brand new love for Kody. Maybe that was uncomfortable for Meri.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Another Work in Process

The original matriarch admitted to jealousy as Kody spent more time alone with his next wife. Once they married, the first wife started to blamed Robyn Brown for things going wrong in her relationship with Kody.

While Meri went to marriage counseling with Kody, things came to the point that she needed counseling with Robyn. So this duo of Sister Wives ladies set out to fix their relationship as well.

From what Meri Brown said, it sounded as if she finally realized a few things during counseling. She learned that Kody’s new bride wasn’t the source of her faltering relationship with Kody Brown. So, Robyn and Meri worked on their relationship, and things seemed better. But even today, some of those residual effects of that jealousy seem to pop up.

One example of some undercurrent of the first wives’ recent jealousy bubbled up around assigning plots to the wives on Coyote Pass. It caused Kody to have that fit in the middle of the road, claiming Robyn gets only table scraps from the other wives.

When Robyn Brown approached Meri, she snapped at Robyn, who then walked off in a huff. So it looks like these two wives from this TLC reality series still have some issues.

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