‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Wears the Pants – Now Meri’s Turn to Feel the Wrath?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown blurs the line in the Brown family lately but it’s Meri Brown who weathers the wrath of their shared husband. If you thought the Sister Wives clan was in turmoil in this week’s episode, wait until the next episode.

When the new episode of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives rolls out next Sunday, kind words seem at a minimum. The previews for this TLC reality series seem to demonstrate some changes in the family dynamics.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Puts on Kody Brown’s Hat?

While Kody Brown might think he’s the head honcho of the Sister Wives pack, it looks like he’s slipping a bit these days. Hints that Robyn is really driving the bus surface, both during the episodes of this TLC series as well as online.

Ever since the Sister Wives followers learned that Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown, enrolled in a Flagstaff college, a theory developed online. Fans surmised all along that Robyn orchestrated the move to this city so her son could live home during college.

While Kody claimed the move was based on saving a slew of money, fans now know that it’s cost him a fortune. In fact, he said that during one of his angry rants in a recent episode of Sister Wives.

But recent episodes also seem to indicate how Robyn Brown steps in for Kody in several different kinds of situations. When things get ugly, Robyn is front and center in the Sister Wives camera lens explaining how and why this happened.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Morphs Into Background

While Kody still has his say as well, he’s not looking like the only head of the family as he once did. Kody seemed to drop the ball in one of the more recent incidents. But Robyn seemed ready to wear the pants and play the part that the Sister Wives shared husband once did.

Meri Brown feared she’d lose all her belongings as a wildfire neared her rental property. With everything she owned in the world inside that house, she understandably acted frazzled. Once she got the pre-evacuation notice it looked like Meri lost it.

While Kody was there to help move the things that Meri wanted out of the house, it was Robyn Brown who took over. First, a very unraveled and tearful Meri Brown got a hug from Robyn. Then the youngest Sister Wives spouse let Meri Brown cry on her shoulder for a few seconds or so.

Then Robyn led her around the house trying to make sense out of a chaotic situation. Kody Brown’s fourth wife seemed to take over for him. She took hold of the situation and went down the list of things that Meri might consider irreplaceable.

She really stepped in, much like you’d expect the leader of the Sister Wives brood to do. But Kody just stayed in his corner and didn’t connect on an emotional level with Meri Brown. Robyn comforted Meri and calmed the situation.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Tells it Like it Is – In Name Only?

In the next episode of the Sister Wives series, while Robyn continues to seemingly wear the pants in the family, Meri Brown goes to counseling with Kody. This is where they lower the boom and finally validate for the fans where this marriage stands. Even the therapist looks shocked at what they had to say.

Meri Brown tells the therapist the marriage is over. There’s nothing left between the two that resembles a husband and wife relationship. Kody Brown shares his latest gripe with the therapist. He’s tired of constantly being the one who is wrong. Apparently Kody thinks they accuse him of being wrong when he isn’t.

It looked like it was all about Robyn getting under Kody’s skin on the past several episodes of Sister Wives. But by the looks of the previews for the new episode, Meri now feels the wrath of Kody Brown.

It’s no surprise to fans that Robyn Brown rules the roost behind the scenes. But she suddenly seems to take over Kody’s place in the family on the TLC reality show as well.

Did all the pouting and tears finally break Kody into submission? Check out the next episode to find out just how far Kody retreats from his once unbendable position as the Sister Wives leader.

Watch new episodes of this popular reality show on Sunday nights by tuning in to TLC at 10 pm EST.

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