‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Mystery Solved – Robyn’s Crazy Idea Nixed

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown unravels a mystery for fans as Robyn Brown tries to make a foolish move while shooting demands at her husband. It seems this season fans watch as the happiness drains from this family as each new episode airs.

Although, the Sister Wives patriarch isn’t the only culprit these days. It seems that one of Kody Brown’s wives gets some negative feedback as well from the Sister Wives audience.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Battling Kody Brown Grows Old

The wife in the hot seat from the Sister Wives tribe today is Robyn Brown. Her stand against purchasing a home has gone too far for many fans. The drama spun this season borders on ludicrous for the fans today as the viewers watch Robyn Brown’s behaviors.

It’s rare for large numbers of Sister Wives viewers to side with Kody Brown. But from where the audience sits, Kody is just attempting to make sure Robyn and her kids get a roof over their head. They have very little time to do this and Robyn continues to whine about a rental.

These Sister Wives scenes between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown unfold to solve a mystery for fans that emerged during the hiatus between seasons. As viewers waited for the new season to roll out, eyewitnesses reported some movement on Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Mystery Popped Up During Hiatus

Reports indicated moving trucks were parked on the vacant building lots that the Sister Wives clan owns. Theories ran wild as some suggested the vehicles belonged to the Sister Wives camera crew.

Others thought that Meri Brown was packed and ready to head back to Vegas. But the question as to why those trucks sat on Coyote Pass was never answered. That’s until Sunday night’s show.

Now the viewers of Sister Wives know those vehicles contain Robyn Brown’s household belongings. Robyn had no choice but to rent the home Kody purchased before the closing took place.

This new home came completely furnished, right down to the bed sheets. So, now Robyn owns furniture and household goods for two huge homes. When they packed up the rental house that she had to vacate, they had nowhere to put her belongings.

So, they decided to keep the rental trucks as storage units and park them on the Coyote Pass land. Robyn Brown seems to challenge Kody Brown on many more things than she has in the past. In one scene she makes a rather selfish suggestion.

The Sister Wives‘ fourth wife even challenged Kody’s idea about where to park the trucks. Maybe she didn’t look at the entire picture but her suggestion seemed rather selfish when it came to other folks in the area.

Sister Wives: Shade for Robyn

Kody wanted to park the rental moving trucks alongside the road that runs through their property. Robyn Brown insisted on parking the trucks in the middle of the road. That’s because they’d stay in the shade.

But the Sister Wives husband of four attempted to explain to her why that’s not a good idea. He said that the tracks on the road indicate the road does get used.

Robyn said the road is just an easement for the gas company and she doesn’t think they use it. She was adamant he park the trucks in the road, which would have blocked it off. But what if there was a fire in the wooded area at the end of the road?

Just one lightning strick could set those woods on fire. So, the fire department would find two trucks blocking their way in.

That wasn’t mentioned on the show but it seemed she just didn’t run the different scenarios that could pop up. After all, Meri Brown was vacating her home due to a fire looming in the same episode.

She lost that battle with Kody, he parked them on the roadside. The Sister Wives father of 18 parked the trucks back to back and bumper to bumper to make it harder for anyone to break into. Although, Kody did say it looked like an invitation to thieves.

Kody Brown used their building lots as storage for Robyn Brown’s stuff. So, another Brown family mystery appears solved. But if Robyn had her way, her belongings would have been one big roadblock on that easement road.

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