‘Sister Wives’: Kody Mows Down Robyn Brown – Nasty Stuff Unfolds in Next Episode [Video]

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown jumps into mama bear mode over Kody Brown‘s treatment of her kids, which starts the fur flying between them. In the next episode, Robyn Brown is beyond furious. She demonstrates this when speaking to the Sister Wives cameras about her shared husband Kody Brown.

An on-going argument about whether to rent or buy a home brings deeper problems to the surface. Robyn wants to rent a home as the rental she occupies is sold. But Kody wants to buy a house because time ran out to find a rental. While the Sister Wives patriarch may have a valid point, he’s going about things the wrong way.

Sister Wives: Things Get Messy Between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown

Sister Wives viewers have heard voices raise in the Kody Brown family before. But the previews suggest it’s beyond loud voices in the up-and-coming episode. Yelling is more the sound-level of the scenes about to play out between Kody Brown and his youngest wife, Robyn Brown.

It looks like Robyn is feeling slighted, but not for herself. No, it’s her Sister Wives kids she’s worried about. It appears that Kody Brown takes it upon himself to make an appointment to view a house for sale. While there, one of the older daughters tells her parents that she loves the place.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown turns to the teen and tells her if they move here, she’ll have to change schools. Whoaaa… Robyn threw a spoke right into Kody’s fast-talking wheel. Aurora, who is already experiencing panic attacks over the pending move, looks upset.

Robyn then tells her Sister Wives shared husband to stop. She’s furious that Kody Brown said that to the kids. She also said if the school changes, that’s a deal-breaker. As you can see in the video below, this doesn’t sit well with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Robyn Brown: “Don’t Forget My Kids”

Even the veteran Sister Wives viewers can expect to be stunned when Robyn lets loose on the next episode. Kody manages to bring his third wife to tears. From what you get to see in the previews, these two seem downright nasty to each other.

Reasons for Robyn Brown’s behavior, shown in the preview clip, will probably surface in the next episode. But until then you can only surmise what she’s really talking about in one of her rants on camera. She yells -“Kody don’t forget my kids anymore”. “My kids”, that’s a strange thing for Robyn Brown to say.

Her two little children are Kody Brown’s biological offspring. Kody Brown legally adopted her three oldest children. So what does Robyn Brown mean by “my kids”?

It seems Kody mows right over Robyn in what he says to the kids. He doesn’t wait for Robyn to tell them anything about the move, he just rushes in. The father of 18 did this when they first learned they had to move.

Robyn Brown wanted to tell the kids but Kody dove right in. Now he’s telling the kids this move might mean changing schools. This won’t be the case, according to Robyn, who stands her ground. But this all happens with the kids right there and by the looks on their faces, they’ve taken this all in.

Sister Wives: Business Partnership Severed?

Kody screams into the Sister Wives lens as well when he sits down by himself to explain his side. He tells the camera that if he was in business with Robyn Brown, this is the point where he’d part ways.

Robyn shares the details of this fight with her Sister Wives’ co-wives. Christine Brown offers a jab at Kody by asking where he put his muzzle. Robyn described it just a bit more delicately. She suggests Kody doesn’t have a filter when thinking and talking.

It looks like Kody strong-arms Robyn at one point. He tells her they may have to move out of town. The leader of the Sister Wives family also threatens she could be looking at a sheriff’s eviction if Robyn Brown doesn’t make a move soon.

The only way to explain the next Sister Wives episode going by the previews is that it’s a mess. The Kody Brown family is not in a healthy place. The patriarch of the family screams that they should have stayed in Vegas. Followed by another bout of yelling on how this move cost him a fortune. But who does he have to blame for that decision?

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