‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Mothers Cranky Kody Brown – Past His Feeding Time

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown acts like he has four mothers at times with Sunday night’s episode highlighting this in one scene. Kody, Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown landed at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff to look at building lots. It didn’t take long for the patriarch to get cranky.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Can’t Handle It?

A seven-vehicle caravan carried Kody Brown and the Sister Wives group, including a slew of their kids to that property after a long drive from Vegas. The kids ranged from babies up to teenagers in age. So when they climbed out of their vehicles after hours on the road, their pent up energy exploded into rambunctious playtime.

It looked like Kody Brown didn’t handle this SW chaotic scene well. He starts off by making a circle in the air with his finger while saying he’s spinning. It looks like this is just too much for the man with 18 kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Picks Up on Patriarch’s Cue

Next, Kody Brown’s frustration got easier to spot with his facial grimaces and exaggerated huffs. This apparently was some type of cue to his Sister Wives spouses, prompting Robyn Brown to speak up.

They had babies with them and little kids but it was Kody who Robyn was concerned about. “You need to eat,” she tells the husband of four. Apparently, the family hadn’t eaten dinner but it was the husband who was the number one concern.

Papa Needs to Eat – But What About the Kids?

Robyn looks into the Sister Wives camera and says, “I think Kody needs to eat”. She then says “Kody needs a break,” after the four mothers seemed to do all the work on that trip.

They chased the little kids around and he did nothing but give speeches about moving to the family. What about the kids and the SW moms – don’t they need to eat dinner too?

Mothering Works

Kody Brown fell right into Robyn’s babying – he agrees. He needs to eat because he’s about to have a meltdown, which is what he tells the group. Robyn treated her husband almost like a baby.

To top it off,  Kody appeared to eat up this attention by agreeing that it’s past his dinner time. Then he had the moms gather the kids and they shuffled off to get this grown man fed.

New Matriarch of SW Family?

Another point social media users make about Robyn Brown is she’s somehow made herself into the matriarch of the Sister Wives family. When she spoke up at the perspective building site about Kody needing a feeding, the other wives didn’t look too pleased.

On the same episode, Meri snapped at Robyn calling her the “legal wife.” Maybe Robyn stepped into the first wife’s place a bit too much once legally marrying Kody. Is this the reason for Meri’s disenchantment with Robyn?

Sister Wives Favorite Son?

At first, Kody looked annoyed that Robyn interrupted his speech with her concerns. But he suddenly gave into her mothering. With that, the family slowly walked off into the sunset to get Kody Brown his food.

In this scene you can see why Kody acts like a child at times on SW.

‘Man-Child’ Reputation

There’s not much responsibility on Kody Brown’s part when it comes to watching the kids. Then there’s how they treat him at times – as if he is their favorite son. You can see why he earned the nickname of “man-child” across social media platforms in the earlier years of SW.

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