‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Got What She Asked For – Now Stuck With Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown gained fame as the favorite wife of Kody Brown but today fans think she’d be happy to drop that title. It seems that the wife who gets all Kody Brown’s attention has its downfalls. Fans of the TLC show watched the transformation of Robyn Brown over the past several years. From the first day she entered the world of Sister Wives it was obvious she infatuated the husband of four.

While it’s taken several years, it looks like Robyn Brown recently experienced a rude awakening. The once fun-loving number four spouse of Kody Brown has tongues wagging across social media today as she’s changed.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Once Vivacious and Full of Life

Back in 2010 when Robyn first stepped into the view of the Sister Wives cameras, she was young, vivacious and well, yes – sexy. She was younger than Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, which caused bouts of jealousy to bubble up.

In Christine’s case, it was more like a volcano of jealousy after she left home for several days over Kody’s intense involvement with his new wife. Veteran viewers know that Kody added much fuel to fire as he followed his fourth wife around like a teenager with exploding hormones.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn Transforms Into Dowdy and Matronly-Like?

In the new Sister Wives season, Reddit comments suggest Robyn Brown is looking rather “dowdy,” “marmish,” and buttoned-up” these days. Robyn talked enough about her past life on the show for fans to make the assumption she had a rough time of it before joining the Sister Wives clan.

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Robyn first came on the scene as a trendy dresser with a figure that was unlike Kody’s other wives. Back in 2010, even Christine carried a few extra pounds, as well as Meri and Janelle. Let’s face it – in the early days of the Sister Wives show, Robyn Brown was the spark in Kody’s eyes. At the same time, the eyes of his other wives’ turned 50 shades of green with jealousy and envy.

The Go-To Spouse of Kody Brown Has Competition?

Jump ahead to today and the Sister Wives dynamics changed drastically. Robyn positioned herself as Kody’s go-to wife. That included everything from a traveling partner to bedtime rituals. Reports indicate that for quite some time Kody Brown didn’t have a relationship with his other wives, only his new and younger spouse.

That is until Christine had her own transformation. After losing a good deal of weight, it looks like Christine is back in circulation on the bedtime schedule. Still, for the longest time, it was Robyn who was more like a wife to Kody Brown through both day and night activities.

Sister Wives: Decade of Change

Because the wives couldn’t change Kody, they’ve changed themselves, which is evident to Sister Wives fans. Meri is about as independent as a wife can get in a plural marriage. She has two prosperous businesses, selling for a clothing line and owning her own B&B – Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

It seems Meri, Janelle, and Christine learned to live without husband privileges while they endured his infatuation for Robyn. Times have changed and today it looks like Robyn gets to watch the rest of the world go by while she’s stuck in the rut she created with Kody.

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Robyn Got What She Wished For?

One commenter from Reddit suggests that Robyn now realizes she basically got what she wished for. Furthermore, maybe she doesn’t really want that after all. In the many of her Sister Wives scenes today, she’s not the animated Robyn Brown of yesteryear.

It looks as if she gained some weight. People see her dressing a bit on the matronly side as well. Is this her subconscious way of keeping Kody at bay? Some suggest that Robyn might be jealous of Meri these days. But this has nothing to do with Kody’s attention.

Craves Meri Brown’s Independence Today?

Some folks see Robyn Brown a bit bent out of shape over Meri’s independence. Robyn swooped into the Sister Wives family a decade ago and became the object of Kody Brown’s desires. In a roundabout way, this forced the other wives to live with this adjustment of Kody having a favorite wife.

While the other wives stayed with Kody, they adjusted to a life without getting an equal piece of Kody’s attention. It seemed to force them to become more independent as wives. Maybe that independence is something Kody Brown’s fourth wife is missing in her life today.

It’s like that old adage – “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” In the case of Robyn Brown – she got Kody Brown.

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