‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Overload – Not a Pretty Picture

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown endured a meltdown but it looks like she’s about to really crumble as it only gets worse on the next episode. Even a trip to Chicago with her three co-wives doesn’t seem to help her on the last episode.

Her world implodes as Kody Brown pushes her buttons on the next Sunday’s Sister Wives. Robyn Brown’s anxiety over her problems with Kody Brown seeps into even the slightest bit of fun she has with the Sister Wives ladies.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Falling Apart Before Your Very Eyes

Janelle Brown was stunned to hear Robyn talk the way she did when the four wives went out for lunch in the Windy City. This is something she never does.

Robyn Brown never talks about her problems with Kody. So, this seems to help Janelle realize the extent of Robyn’s problems. Her Sister Wives’ co-wife appears to be in some emotional pain.

The Sister Wives four women take a trip to visit Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss. On the day they arrive in Chicago, the young couple had other plans. This leaves the four moms on their own. So while the co-wives have lunch at a restaurant, and Robyn decides to open up.

The youngest Sister Wives’ mom, Robyn Brown, is scared and she wants to go back to Vegas. Robyn misses her home and she’s feeling so unsettled. Kody wants to buy a house and Robyn wants to rent. She doesn’t want the money spent on buying a house. Robyn wants to save that money to start building on Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Melt Down Reveals Biggest Stressor is Kody Brown

The Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, is pushing the kids with his attempt to buy. The last wife to join the family feels pressured. She also shares how her relationship with Kody is strained today.

Apparently this is bothering Robyn Brown so much that she can’t enjoy herself. She has a meltdown at lunch with Mariah, Audrey and the other three ladies that make up the Sister Wives plural marriage.

Robyn Brown apologizes for being a party pooper on this trip and starts to cry. She tells the Sister Wives camera that she feels so “un-safe” right now. This mom of five is under the gun when it comes to moving, as Kody continues to push to buy a house.

Sister Wives: Party Pooper In Chicago

Robyn Brown probably was what you would call a party pooper as she seemed to drag her feet during this visit. She also said how she should be home. Aurora had a panic attack and called her mom while she was in Chicago.

The fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan had to talk her down from this attack. This incident just put Robyn more uneasy than she was in the first place. If you think the stress is weighing on Robyn this week, wait until the next episode.

In the next Sister Wives episode, Kody and Robyn Brown really do battle. The tears flow and Kody gives his fourth wife a rather harsh ultimatum as Robyn continues to crumble. Catch new episodes of this popular TLC reality show on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST.

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