‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Told ‘Get Your Scent Out There’ by Her Polygamous Mom

Sister Wives celeb, Robyn Brown might revisit some advice handed down to her from her mother, especially after she cried a river last season. Robyn looked like the unhappiest camper of the Sister Wives bunch as the cameras rolled to a close. Up until that point, her co-wife Meri Brown probably held the unhappiest co-wife title.

But her disenchantment may prompt her to think back to a time when her mother urged her to put herself out there. Or it may even offer her a reason to think back to the criteria she created for a future husband before finding Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Before The Tears

Like many women, Robyn Brown sought advice from her mom from time to time. The fourth wife from the Sister Wives clan describes her mom as a happy polygamous wife. So, from what Robyn says, her mom found plural marriage rewarding.

Watching her mom experience happiness in her chosen lifestyle of polygamy prompted Robyn to want the same. So when this Sister Wives launched her first marriage it was always a given that other wives would come on board. But her first marriage disintegrated before that could happen.

The aftermath of that marriage left Robyn Brown feeling somewhat of a failure. While she had no choice to get out of a destructive marriage, she worried about what others thought of her. Her ex comes from a prominent family in their religious community. So, Robyn prepared to take on the role of the fall-guy in the eyes of that community.

Fourth Wife Talks To Camera as Shared Hubby Does Dishes

Staying Semi-Hidden

Once this Sister Wives star divorced her first husband, she spent most of her time at home with her kids. The failed first marriage put Robyn Brown in the position of a single mom of three, so she kept busy. Staying out of the eye of her community seemed the best way to avoid catching the glimpses of a disapproving community.

But those who cared about a still-young Robyn Brown thought she needed to get back out there. Although dating became the furthest thing from her mind, Robyn’s tendency to stay somewhat hidden by staying home would soon come to an abrupt end.

For this Sister Wives future bride, prompting from friends and family fell on deaf ears at first. But Robyn Brown said in a book she penned years back with her Sister Wives spouses, her mother’s advice rang true.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Strange Advice From Mom

Robyn knew that finding her next husband wouldn’t be easy. That’s because the man would be taking on the task of raising another man’s three children. Robyn said she didn’t care what her next husband looked like. he could be fat, old, and unattractive.

This future Sister Wives’ co-wife wanted only one thing in her next husband. She wanted a man with goodness and kindness in his heart. It sounds as if Robyn wanted a man who would raise her kids with kindness above all else.

But she wouldn’t find that next father for her kids while living as a semi-recluse from the community. So, her mom gave her a few words of advice. She wanted Robyn to find someone new. But according to Robyn’s mom, her daughter needed to “get her scent out there”.

Many of the Sister Wives followers found that advice as oddly worded. But it sounds as if her mom basically made the point that she won’t find anyone by sitting home. So, Robyn got her scent out there. When she attended a church dance, apparently, Kody caught that scent.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown Gets Her Scent Out There And Kody Brown Comes Along

Robyn Brown first eyed Kody in church. Then she briefly met her future shared husband at her cousin’s house when Meri and the Sister Wives patriarch dropped by. But when they danced at a church function, apparently Kody snapped up the bait, which set the hook.

The two started seeing more of each other and the rest is Sister Wives history. But it’s not so much that Kody and Robyn got together, it’s how Robyn Brown described her mindset at the time that raised eyebrows.

It sounded as if she looked for someone to take care of her and the kids. The thought of romantic love didn’t seem to surface as criteria for this Sister Wives fourth wife. Although she did find that with Kody, it sounded as if she might settle for a kind-hearted provider if she hadn’t met her shared husband.

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