‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown, Like Her Or Not – Latest Jabs Uncalled For?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown landed between a rock and a hard place over something she allowed to happen in the latest episode to roll out. Robyn Brown is often the target for a verbal pelting on this show.

But she does she always have to be the Sister Wives spouse who spins the anger in fans? Especially after she does something that benefits others? It seems something that she did in the last episode of Sister Wives prompted some fans to come out verbally boxing.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Becomes Target for Teen’s Decision

As a parent, you make a lot of decisions for your kids. This usually entails thinking long and hard about what you plan to do. So when Robyn Brown made a big decision recently she probably didn’t expect all the blow-back that came her way from the Sister Wives enthusiasts.

Sunday night’s episode showed a family crisis unraveling as Robyn Brown and Kody Brown sat down with their kids. This Sister Wives couple needed to tell their kids they had to move out of their rental home.

The news they needed to share was grim and the Sister Wives parents knew there would be sadness after hearing it. But to much surprise, that sadness wasn’t all they got out of this reveal.

Full Blown Panic Attack Disturbing to Watch

As the minutes went by in this scene Aurora Brown appeared more and more upset. Then she looked as if she was about to crumble. The 17-year-old was in the middle of a full-blown panic attack.

Kody Brown scooped up the teen in his arms and carried her away from the view of the camera. He then explained that stress can bring on panic attacks for his daughter.

Hearts went out to the teen, especially from people who have been in this Sister Wives‘ daughter’s place. But while Aurora was offered kindness, some tore her mother apart online.

Comments from Sister Wives viewers lambasted Robyn for allowing her daughter shown on camera in that state of mind and emotion.

‘But this wasn’t a decision made lightly by the Sister Wives mom. It seems Robyn left the decision up to her daughter if she wanted the scene edited out or not.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Aurora Brown

Sister Wives: Aurora Brown’s Wishes Honored By Mom

According to Robyn Brown, it was Aurora’s decision to allow TLC to show that Sister Wives scene to the viewers at home. Aurora knows what it is like to suffer one of these horrific attacks and she wanted to bring awareness to this condition.

When someone suffers a panic attack they experience fear and the feeling of pending doom, along with other emotions. Depending on the severity of the attack, they can tremble, cry and sometimes get so dizzy that they blackout. This attack often comes from out of nowhere, but stress can also bring it on.

On Sunday night’s Sister Wives episode Aurora was under a lot of stress when she learned they needed to relocate yet again. While many kids might feel embarrassed to show themselves in that state to the world, not Aurora Brown.

You Are Not Alone

Her thought was to show people who also suffer from this that they are not alone. According to this Sister Wives’ mother, her daughter also wanted people to see just how debilitating this can.

Aurora’s hope was that this may possibly help people. She hoped folks would grow more sensitive to those around them who suffer from this diagnosis.

One thing fans do know about Robyn Brown – she’s very protective of her kids. So, for Robyn to agree to honor the teen’s wish and let this scene air on the show, it was probably a tough decision.

No mom wants to see their child suffer. The last thing they’d want is their child exposed to the public in this state of mind via a TV show. But Robyn did it for Aurora and the teen did it for all the others out there who suffer from this often horrific disorder.

So as Sister Wives fans take aim at Robyn, think about what it must have taken for Robyn to agree with her daughter’s wish.

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