‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown in Funk Over Vegas House Closing as Wives Gather for Vision Board Project [Video]

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is having a hard time coming to terms with the sale of her Las Vegas home. Robyn was the last wife to list her home on the cul-de-sac of dreams for sale.

However, Robyn Brown was the first wife to have her home sell. So she’s feeling in a bit of a funk. There’s no turning back now. One of the four homes is gone forever, so now it’s all about making their new lives in Flagstaff, Arizona work.

The Sister Wives are not in agreement on how they want to live as a family. Kody Brown wants them to all consider living in one big house, However, only one wife seems totally on board with his vision. So as Kody Brown’s four wives gather to spend some quality sister time together making vision boards, talk turns to their future housing situation.

Sister Wives Update: Robyn Brown Believes In The Power Of Vision Boards

Sisters Wives celeb Robyn Brown had quite an elaborate vision board before she joined the family. At the time she was living in Nebraska, on her board she saw herself joining a plural family, becoming a New York Times best-selling author, and changing the world. Robyn believes all three have come true. So now as the four shared wives of Kody Brown gather to make their new vision boards, Robyn Brown knows how powerful what they all select could have on their family’s future.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

One of the main focuses of Sister Wives Robyn Brown’s new vision board will be how she sees the family’s living situation. She’s torn on if they should back Kody’s dream to have all his wives under one roof. Keep in mind Robyn has never shared a  home with her co-spouses since she joined the family. So her opinion doesn’t come from experience. Usually, Robyn is firmly in Kody’s corner. However this time she truly feels like the family is a house divided.

Janelle Brown Once Again Differs From The Other Wives

Sister Wives’ second wife Janelle Brown is the most rational of all of Kody’s wives. She sees things from a more business-like perspective. So it comes as no surprise that she sees the value of the shared residence. From a financial point of view, it makes sense. Plus it provides family unity and the ability for the younger siblings to have the same type of childhood as their older siblings who grew up together in the same house.

Janelle makes it clear that she doesn’t believe in the power of a vision board. So, she’s just there to spend time bonding with her co-wives who clearly are believers. Janelle once again sees things differently than the others but yet still wants to be a part of the family activity. These days she’s Kody’s perfect sister wife.

Sister Wives: Christine Says Big House Belongs On Kody’s Board Not Hers

Sister Wives’ third wife Christine Brown is adamantly against sharing living quarters with the other wives. She’s got selfish reasons for her decision. She just likes herself better as a wife, mother, and sister-wife when she has her own space. She says she’s happy to live next door to these ladies forever but never ever again under the same roof.

In fact, as they make their vision boards, Christine says hers will have her house on it not Kody’s dream house. Additionally, she says that the big house belongs on Kody’s and Janelle’s vision boards, maybe Meri and or Robyn Brown’s but certainly not hers.

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