‘Sister Wives’: Robyn and Kody Brown Get Emotional As Moving Day Nears – [Video]

Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown and Kody Brown break down as they prepare to move out of the house they called home since moving to Flagstaff. Robyn’s house was the biggest of Kody’s four wives’ homes. It had the space to accommodate the family for special occasions. So of course over the year many memories were made there.

However, Robyn Brown’s landlord sold the house. Now the Sister Wives couple and their five children will once again have to move. Robyn has been very vocal about how unhappy she was about moving again. In fact, her marriage to Kody was strained while they bickered over whether to rent or buy. So as the couple packs to move, they take time to reflect on their first year in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody Brown Move Out Of Their Rock Ridge

Sister Wives’ mom of five Robyn Brown gets emotional as she talks about having to move out of the home she has lived in this past year. She says the house was a great to welcome to Flagstaff for her and her children. Plus, her and Kody’s house also served as the central gathering point for the large family gatherings. Robyn had hoped to extend their lease and stay put until they were able to build on their land at Coyote Pass.

However, just like all her fellow Sister Wives except for Christine Brown, she will move for the second time. Recall Christine bought her Flagstaff house when they relocated. At the time it might have seemed to indulge and spend. But now that Meri has moved three times, Janelle twice and now Robyn for the second time, it seems Christine had the right idea from the start.

Robyn Brown Lists The Memories Made At Rock Ridge

Sister Wives alum Robyn Brown rattles off all the joyous memories the family made at her and Kody’s house. The family celebrated their first Flagstaff Christmas together there. It was an extra special Christmas as many of the married Brown children came to spend the holidays. In fact, it was during Christmas that Madison Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush announced they were pregnant with their second child.

Additionally, the Sister Wives family expanded again at Robyn’s house when Meri and Kody’s daughter Mariah Brown announced her engagement to long time girlfriend Audrey Kriss. The two became engaged at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. when Mariah popped the question.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Audrey Kriss

Sister Wives: Season 14 Almost Over – Will There Be a Season 15?

Sister Wives has just two more episodes before the big tell-all airs. This season has shown a lot of moving and a lot of fighting between Kody and his spouses. No spouse seems happy, In fact, the next episode to air will show how far Meri and Kody’s marriage has deteriorated and with little hope of ever being repaired.

Fans have not seen much happiness this season. What the have seen is fighting and lots of moving van. Since TLC moved Sister Wives to 10 pm on Sundays from it’s coveted 8 pm slot, it seems as if season 15 isn’t guaranteed. Hopefully in the next for weeks we’ll learn if the Brown family is again filming for a new season. Perhaps there’s a compelling reason for a season15, like a new Brown baby, a fifth wife or maybe one wife will leave the family. Any of those three events would certainly warrant another season and have viewers tuning in.

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