‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s ‘Rubbing’ Comment Flares Tempers on New Episode

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown seems to be feeling her oats in the next few episodes as some rather snarky remarks seem put emotions on high. When Kody Brown pushes this one house, Robyn first acts as if she’s on the fence.

But suddenly it appears the youngest Sister Wives spouse sides with co-wife Christine Brown. It’s Christine who started the campaign to shut down Kody’s idea. So this can’t be good for the leader of the tribe.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gets Snarky With Kody Brown?

Robyn Brown gets a bit snarky towards her shared husband Kody Brown in the next episode. She is the only wife who never lived in one house as a Sister Wives family. While she admits this, she also says what she hears about it leaves her wondering if it will pull the family apart.

Robyn is long-thought to be Kody’s favorite wife out of the four. The fans believe the Sister Wives patriarch continues with the honeymoon mode still today when it comes to Robyn Brown. It seems the followers of this TLC show usually describe Kody as treating Robyn Brown with favoritism.

So either Kody had enough from Robyn in the next episode and his temper spikes or he gets a helping hand looking that way. Maybe they use a clever Sister Wives edit to give him a backbone when he looks fed-up on the next episode.

Just when it seems Christine Brown won’t change her mind, it appears Robyn speaks up. She suddenly becomes Christine’s sidekick in this battle. What his youngest wife has to say not only hit a cord with Kody Brown but with another one of his wives as well.

Robyn Finds ‘Rubbing’ Uncomfortable

The Sister Wives shared husband appeared stunned over Robyn’s spiel. At the same time, Janelle didn’t appear to buy what Robyn tried to sell. But Kody Brown did buy it and he took it very seriously. That’s because he didn’t like what he heard.

Kody Brown’s one house vision centered on what’s best for their Sister Wives polygamous family. Kody seemed to think Christine and Robyn zoned in on what’s best for the wives’ jealous tendencies. The fourth wife from the Sister Wives clan started this conversation off with an imagined scenario.

Robyn Brown suggested how the other wives would watch as Kody left the house with one of them. She thought it would end up uncomfortable for the wives to see too much of Kody with another wife.

At one point Robyn Brown referred to this as “rubbing”. It sounded like she meant they’d all rub up against one another in a shared-house lifestyle. She elaborated on her rubbing comment with another word for it – friction.

Robyn then said if you heat up two pieces of metal they either fuse together or break apart. She worried the one house would break apart the family. Robyn also suggested it even may cause one wife to get out of the Sister Wives marriage.

Robyn Brown didn’t mention any names but with Christine’s behavior, viewers might assume it’s Christine she’s talking about. At one point either Kody went way out of his norm or editing made it look like he showed Christine the door if that’s what she preferred. It’s a mess, or at least it looks that way.

Sister Wives: Ruffled Feathers and Kody’s Backlash

If Janelle Brown had feathers, they’d be a ruffled mess on the Sister Wives next episode. Especially after Robyn’s spiel. She fumed more than you ever saw Janelle expel steam before.

Janelle poo-pooed Robyn Brown’s imagined line at the door watching Kody coming and going. Janelle Brown and Kody claim that this is plural marriage. Each and every wife knows that her husband is shared. Robyn’s take was she knows this but why throw it in the Sister Wives faces.

Christine spun an excuse for not liking the shared house. This excused seemed to curl Kody’s toes. She said this one big house would mean less privacy for Kody. She also cites how his one on one time with his kids will be ruined. As will the one and one time he spends with each wife.

Surprisingly, Kody seemed to sees right through this Sister Wives excuse. He said that he knew it wasn’t about his privacy but more about the wives monitoring his every move. So Kody seemed to realize that the wives’ jealousy was at the bottom of this.

Tune in Sunday night and watch Robyn get snarky, Kody pushes back, Christine offers up odd excuses and Janelle seeing all of this as ludicrous. With that said, keep in mind that TLC already has Christine Brown complaining the editing this season makes her look “bratty”. So you just don’t know if these scenes really did play out this way or if they are the victims of TLC editing.

The Sister Wives rolls out a new episode Sunday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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