‘Sister Wives’: Kody and Robyn Brown’s Slip Results in Dire Consequences?

Sister Wives celebs Kody Brown and Robyn Brown find themselves in an undesirable situation but it was bound to happen as the fury amps up. Kody Brown no longer walks in harmony with all his four wives. As anger erupts from several corners on the next episode, the worries that belong to the adults now trickle down to the Sister Wives kids.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown About to Dissolve Relationship?

Previews indicate the Sister Wives patriarch ponders a dissolution to one of his relationships. But no one knows what Kody means. He could be talking about one of his marriages. Or just the business relationship with one of his wives. That’s because the problem has to do with properties.

Assumptions swirl online about the Sister Wives husband of four and Robyn Brown possibly headed for divorce. That’s probably not going to happen. Especially since the two seem just fine together in real-time pics. But the fallout from their arguing hits hard at home.

When the Sister Wives rolls out Sunday night with a new episode it looks like a crisis occurs. Or at least it appears this way in the previews. Robyn Brown and Kody Brown continue to go head to head over buying or renting a property as Robyn has only 60 days to move.

So Sunday’s episode of the Sister Wives gets serious. Robyn Brown and her shared husband individually discuss their problems in front of the camera. Fans hear Kody Brown wondering about walking away from a relationship.

But again, the edits for the previews might lead fans to assume it’s a divorce he’s talking about. He might be talking about taking one wife out of the family’s business holdings when he talks about dissolving a relationship.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Ariella Brown - Robyn Brown - Solomon Brown

Kody and Robyn Brown Argue – Kids Overhear

Fighting among the Sister Wives adults is one thing but when the kids get involved, that’s something different.  When Robyn and Kody continue with this fighting in front of the kids, this doesn’t bode well for one of Robyn’s daughters.

All Kody Brown’s kids experienced a move that uprooted them from the lives they knew and loved in Vegas. They came to Flagstaff even though a few didn’t want to move. While the siblings who protested the relocation were teens at the time, they were still minors and needed to follow their parents’ direction.

Robyn’s kids face another uprooting again on the show. This is topped with the kids overhearing Robyn and Kody fighting, according to the Sister Wives previews for Sunday night’s show.

Robyn Brown is protective of her kids, as fans have witnessed in the past. She didn’t want the Sister Wives adults talking about Robyn Brown’s need to move around her kids. That’s because she hadn’t told them yet and wanted to tell them in her own way. But it looks like Kody takes care of that in the video below, adding to Robyn’s angst.

Sister Wives: Crisis Pops Up After One Daughter Hears Too Much?

The Sister Wives previews indicate that Kody Brown and wife Robyn Brown continue this fighting in front of the kids over this move. Kody Brown and his youngest wife, Robyn, are at odds over the messages they get from God.

As seen in the video above, Robyn feels God will provide a rental for them. But Kody feels God is telling him to buy a house. So, Kody tells Robyn’s kids that not only are they moving but they’re buying a house as well. This angers Robyn because they hadn’t decided on this as of yet.

Then another TLC preview clip indicates they push aside the argument and anger in another scene. That’s when Aurora Brown needs to be carried off the stage. It appears she joined her parents in an interview with the Sister Wives cameras and the stress got to her.

The clip shows Robyn Brown quickly become overwrought with concern. Then Kody scoops Aurora up in his arms and carries her out of the camera’s range. Robyn follows with tears streaming down her face. Kody later tells the camera that too much stress causes panic attacks for this daughter.

How this scene originated is unknown but Sister Wives fans can see how it plays out by tuning in to TLC on Sunday night as the new episode airs at 10 pm EST.

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