‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Carries Distraught Daughter off Camera on Next Episode

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown finds the family’s adult battle seeps into the kids’ lives next week as one of his daughters is carried off camera. Not only does Kody look concerned but Robyn Brown appears upset as this young girl gets scooped up in her father’s arms.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Scoops Up Daughter?

While you don’t see her face in the preview, it looks like Kody carries Aurora Brown, 17, out of the camera’s view. The leader of the Sister Wives clan alludes to the uncertainty of the future as the foundation for this incident.

A huge heated argument put the Sister Wives tempers on high during the episode that rolled out Sunday night. This not only continues into next week but the intensity of this anger grows as well.

Kody now has two wives without homes in the near future. Both Robyn Brown and Meri Brown recently learned their landlords are selling their rental homes so they cannot renew their leases.

Now Robyn is overwrought with worry about finding a place to live. It seems the Sister Wives’ young daughter has picked up on their uncertain future as far as housing is concerned. It also appears as if this worry is too overwhelming for this teenager.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Aurora Brown

Messages From a Higher Power?

Kody Brown is beside himself but feels this is God’s message saying they need to buy a home in Flagstaff. There’s nothing available in the Flagstaff rental market so he takes this as a sign to buy a home. But the youngest Sister Wives spouse believes God will provide that rental home as long as they keep looking.

Both Robyn and Meri state their case. They do not want to buy Sister Wives homes in Flagstaff. They want the money realized from the Vegas home sales to go to building their homes on Coyote Pass.

Kody is angry and he lets the audience know this. The father of 18 tells the Sister Wives camera at one point that he’s so angry he can hardly talk. But he later offers up what he believes is the Sister Wives fate as far as housing goes.

Kody Brown claims he’s got a message. He then shares: “The message from God isn’t you have to go find a rental, the message from God is you have to buy a house”.

Sister Wives: Uncertainty Swells to New Heights

The adults from the Sister Wives battle over the lack of housing prospects. But it appears this weighs heavy on Robyn Brown who is feeling the stress about the possibility of being left with no home.

While Meri faces the same dilemma, she tells her co-spouses that she could always move to Parowan, Utah. Her co-wives didn’t think this was funny at all when Meri sarcastically threw it out there.

It seems Meri conveys that she can always move into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. This is the bed and breakfast establishment she alone owns just over the border in Utah. While Meri only has herself to worry about in this move, Robyn has five kids that she needs to worry about uprooting again.

It looks like the uncertainty of where they’ll live next overwhelmed their teen daughter. In the previews for next Sunday’s show, it looks as if this young lady breaks down in tears. Kody picks her up and whisks her away from the camera that’s filming the Sister Wives at the time.

Kody Brown then tells the Sister Wives audience that stress can bring on a panic attack for his daughter. This might explain the urgency to get the teen out of the camera’s scope. The father in Kody Brown looks concerned for his daughter who nozzled her face into her dad’s shoulder as he carried her out of sight.

The adults did this to themselves. But fans find it hard to see one of the kids having this type of reaction to all the upheaval in the Sister Wives.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST to see where Kody Brown leads his family next.

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